Fuel at the MMRBQ.

This past Saturday, Fuel performed a homecoming show of shorts in support of their new album, Puppet Strings ,at the annual MMRBQ in Camden, New Jersey.  The band has been a long time favorite for Pennsylvania and New Jersey rock listeners but has had plenty of international success through out the years. Their return to the MMRBQ, their last performance being in 2010, is part of a new era for Fuel and it seems like the timing is just right honestly.

Over the years Fuel has seen numerous line up changes and even a reunion of the original line up for a little while but now things are a lot different but for the better. Brett Scallions is still at lead vocals where he belongs, hearing anyone else but him sing their songs just felt like an injustice for fans and didn’t work. The rest of the new band line up consists of Brad Stewart (former bass guitarist of Shinedown), Andy Andersson (lead guitar) and Shannon Boone (drums). There is always a certain level of uncertainty with line up changes but it was clear that these guys were taking the job seriously and had put the time in practicing before the show at the MMRBQ because as a whole they put on a real tight performance. 

The last time I saw Fuel perform was at Bamboozle 2011 and it was a pretty good performance but this past weekend’s really showcased just how much better of a performance the band could on with different members in the band, besides Brett. Their setlist was very rushed but it was a radio show so that was to expected, it really is the nature of the beast. Fans get to hear  a lot of music but sometimes the sets just aren’t as long as we would want them to be. That being set they managed to cram a fair amount of hits in the set and even some of the new material which was a pleasant surprise. Fuel will be back though, so any Pennsylvania fans who didn’t get enough of them at the MMRBQ or their show at the Chameleon Club will have chance to see Fuel once again this summer on June 14th when the come back to the area at the Mount Airy Casino in Mount Pocono.

Be sure to check out their new album, Puppet Strings, and head over to their Facebook to see up to date with tour announcements and more. Also be sure to check out Sight of Sound’s exclusive gallery of the MMRBQ show below from Matt Christine Photography :

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