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       Last week Staind performed at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem along with Theory of a Deadman. The two bands collectively have been hitting many of the major US festivals such as Carolina Rebellion and will continue that trend as they head out to Ohio to play the well known Rock on the Range. Staind’s performance at the Sands was part of a string of shows announced after the festival appearances were confirmed and the band could fill their schedule out with some shows in between as they traveled down the East Coast. The show put a fair amount of people into the Sands just due to the great evening of rock music it would provide for a reasonable price. Theory of a Deadman or Staind could have easily headlined the venue without one another respectively and sold a fair amount of tickets but the billing of them together was a no brainer for fans because it doubled the amount they were getting for their ticket price.

       By the time Staind took the stage the crowd was pretty rowdy and security was having to escort some people out due to fights and other incidents. Once Staind took the stage though all this anxiety in the crowd was stemmed and people began to enjoy the night again. Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the show below from Matt Christine Photography :

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