Preview : Rusted Root get ready for a FREE concert this Memorial Day in Bethlehem.


On Monday Rusted Root and The Wailers will be performing at the Sands Event Center’s 2nd Memorial Day Celebration. The activities kick of around 12pm with the concert starting in the Event Center at 5pm, the best of the whole thing? IT’S FREE! The forecast for Monday as of my typing this is set at a beautiful 82 degrees, what better way is there to celebrate Memorial Day than with a free concert with one of Pennsylvania’s longest established bands. In anticipation of the show we reached out to Rusted Root to pick their brain a little about returning to their home state for this show and what they have down the pipes in the coming months. 

Sight of Sound –  Being from Pennsylvania do you find that returning to the homestate, whether it be the west or east side, creates a better environment than playing a show where you might not see as many familiar faces in the crowd?

Patrick Norman –  We always love coming home to play. We grew up with a lot of faces that we see in the crowd there. That being said we have pockets all over the US that feel very much like home . Being  a touring band you tend to expand the concept of home. So we find these pockets of fans that come out to our shows that are visceral and they spread the word among their circle of friends and grow our fan base and before you know it a town like Oshkosh WI is claiming us as their own.

Sight of Sound – The upcoming show the Sands Event Center as Rusted Root billed along side the Wailers, a combination that many are saying makes perfect sense. Who reached out to who to get the ball rolling for this one and is this something that the band has wanted to do for a long time?

Patrick Norman – Touring with the Wailers seemed like an obvious pairing to me too. We sat  around with  thinking what we wanted our next tour to be. We wanted to do a run with a band that would make a show a special experience for our fans and we thought let’s play with a legendary band like the Wailers.

 Michael Glabicki – This tour with the Wailers is something that was on our dream list of tours. I’m not sure who reached out to who or how it specifically came about.

Sight of Sound – You guys tour more than any other band that I know of at least, do you find that being on the road is as necessary as so many musicians claim it to be in this day and age?

Patrick Norman – With the evolution of the music industry from albums to CDs to downloads and streaming the days of selling millions of albums has been replaced by free streaming file sharing and digital downloads . So the income stream for most musicians has been cleaved by internet start ups and the decimation of music stores. Bands have focused their energy on touring because aside from creating the music that’s the only remaining part of the music industry that the Artist actually controls. If a band wants to make a living in the music industry these days they better keep their musical chops sharp.

Sight of Sound – As a follow up to that, how does the writing process work for Rusted Root while on the road. You guys are just about due for a new release based on when the last few releases have been, how far along is the process for a new album? Release date some time in the near future?

Michael Glabicki – I am in the process of writing the songs for the new record. About half of them are complete enough to start working on the arrangements with the band. We work almost all the arrangements several months on the tour to get feedback from the audiences. We just launched our fan funding campaign with a lot of crazy packages to include our fans in the making of the record. Fans can go to or our website <> . We hope to get the record out early next year.

Sight of Sound – With seven full studio albums at this point and numerous EPs is it starting to get hard to satisfy fans with a setlist for a live show? I know sometime it is tough to hit all the songs people want to hear and it only gets increasingly harder the more you release. 

Michael Glabicki – There are definately certain songs we have to play, after that I go with my heart and play the songs that are making sense in my life at the time.

For more information on Rusted Root’s IndieGoGo project you can check out the embedded video below, Sight of Sound hopes to see a lot of you readers on Monday at the show for what will surely be one of the most iconic Memorial Day Celebrations that the Lehigh Valley has seen in the past few years.


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