Sevendust’s Acoustic Tour hits the Sherman Theater.

Sevendust, a band known far and wide for their heavy and intense live performances, has lately been taking a step back for a special acoustic tour and focusing on what matters most to them, their fans. This tour comes following the release of their acoustic album, Time Travelers & Bonfires, which was completely funded by fans. The fans also had a very large part in the track selection of the album as well as a whole slew of rewards and perks for helping the band produce this album. The tour was of the same vibe, the fans and the bands engaged in something that is truly going to be hard for me to put into words but I will try my best.

The Sherman Theater opened their doors just after 8PM and fans began marching in to get a good spot on the barricade or up front for the performance, there were also some chairs set up to the sides and the back of the venue for those who wanted to take that route as well. There was no opener but honestly there was no need, everyone was there for one thing and the anticipation amongst the fans was very tangible. Sevendust has long said that they don’t have fans, they have a family, and it showed at this show. Fans who had never met before were taking pictures together as they waited, sharing stories of how they first came across Sevendust, and even talking about how some of the songs have helped them at different points in their life. One memorable story I heard was from a veteran of the United States Military who said that “Black” was one of the songs that got him through his tour of duty in Iraq. Pretty powerful stuff, there is no denying Sevendust’s musical legacy in metal but to see and hear actually stories like that one put it all in perspective.

By the time the band came on at 9PM the venue had packed in a tight enough that it felt well occupied but there was still room for everyone to feel comfortable. As for the start of the show, there were no bells and whistles, no dramatics, no over the top production; just Sevendust walking out to the roaring cheer of their fans. Sometimes keeping it simple like that is all you need to do. Having seen Sevendust perform multiple times over the past 3 years I thought I knew what to expect with this acoustic tour but I can admit and will admit that I was wrong. I didn’t expect to be completely blown away like I was. Lajon is a great metal vocalist, I’ve always been a fan of his lyrical delivery when they play electric but hearing him sing the songs acoustic was a truly moving experience. Though it was acoustic Morgan Rose still had his full drum set up which was too be expected and the rest of the band all sat on stools around the stage and never stopped smiling from start to finish. This is bold and it might anger some hardcore Sevendust fans but I personally felt like I have never seen them perform better and tighter than they are right now on this acoustic tour and I would love for them to continue doing this for another album cycle.  At the very least they need to work a large acoustic portion to all of their sets because the songs take on a new life when perform in such a raw format.

By the end of the show Sevendust had taken us on a rollercoast from the beginning of their career up until now, all the while sharing stories with fans and making memories that will last a lifetime, for both them and the fans. I can’t say enough good things about this tour, the setlist was perfect and it had plenty of “rare” tracks so all the dedicated fans got a taste of their favorites. The only thing that could have made it better was a little more production on stage, maybe like the 3 Doors Down tour with the couches and fans on the stage? There was plenty of fan interaction all night but there is something keeping the visuals from being a polished stage show but that could have just been the Sherman Theater’s odd LED lighting.

Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the performance below and try to make it out to a date on this tour if you are a Sevendust fan, you won’t be disappointed I promise that much.

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