Dave Matthews Band in Charlotte, NC

On July 22, 2014, the Dave Matthews Band opened up for…..the Dave Matthews Band. Yes, that’s right. This tour there was no opener. Instead, DMB gave its fans two sets at the PNC Music Arena in Charlotte, NC. To begin the evening, Dave and crew began with an acoustic set, followed by a short intermission, and closed the evening with an electric set. Sight of Sound Magazine was there to capture photos of the evening.

The setlist for the evening was:

Acoustic Set: Satellite, Ants Marching, Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd, So Damn Lucky, Loving Wings, What Would You Say, Snow Outside, Two Step

Electric Set: Still Water, Minarets, One Sweet World, Rooftops, Save Me, You Never Know, The Song That Jane Likes, Jimi Thing, Why I Am, If Only, Warehouse, The Riff, Granny, Grey Street, The Space Between, Still Water, Don’t Drink the Water

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