Musikfest : Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo at Musikfest
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

Jason Derulo drew a large crowd for his performance at Musikfest 2014 and it is for a multitude of reasons, the most obvious being his domination of pop radio this summer with songs like “Talk Dirty” and “Wiggle.” But don’t think that his music library is limited to his most recent works because the 24 year old has more hits than you might know and certainly has a very diverse fan base to prove that fact. He was set to take the stage promptly at 8:30PM but didn’t go on until the crowd was fully hyped up. What does this mean you ask? It means the Musikfest crowd was treated to a pretty fantastic DJ set containing a wide variety of songs mixed with well timed lighting to get the crowd up off their feet and moving around before Derulo hit the stage.

Finally after what felt like a very long time the DJ said that Derulo was ready and the music faded out along with the majority of the lights across the stage. When they came back on a slew of dances lined the stage and the crowd began to scream because only one person was left to walk out, Jason Derulo himself. From start to finish the show was very much a show and not so much a concert, which made for a party atmosphere instead of a musical performance. There were times that you actually forgot you were at a concert because Derulo would suddenly stop singing a song to dance with his dancers to another song, usually not his own like “Turn Down For What,” before coming back in to finish the track he originally started. At one point he actually left the stage for awhile and each of his dances got a few minutes to show their stuff as they each did a solo performance.

Jason Derulo at Musikfest
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

As a whole Jason Derulo really did entertain the crowd of well over 2,000 but I only wonder how much better the performance could have been if there was less. Sometimes the age old proverb of less is more comes into play because at times his vocals felt very weak because he was more focused on dancing, some of the routines were very intense. The crowd made up for these moments though because it was often in these times that you could barely hear anything other than people singing along, whether or not Derulo plans on that vocal support is a question we may never find out the answer to.

Jason Derulo kept it short for the Musikfest crowd but he certainly entertained the crowd and that is what truly matters in the end, he was nursing a broken rib from earlier in July soon so I would be interested to see what he could offer at full strength. Maybe his next tour will bring him back to the Lehigh Valley, there is no doubt that the fans here would be excited to see him once more.

Photo Gallery of Jason Derulo by Matt Christine Photography :


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