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On August 12, 2014, the Carnivores Tour made its third stop in Charlotte, NC. Co-headliners were Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars, with A.F.I. opening the vibe for the evening.

A.F.I. had the joy of performing to an intimate crowd, while concert goers made their way to the music pavilion, fighting rush hour traffic for the 6:30 start time. The band has been around since 1991, with Davey Havok as the lead singer, whom since has changed his appearance, which will definitely help sustain the “is he gay” questions. Previously, he had longer hair and makeup that didn’t help identify him as a male. Moving on, A.F.I. indeed put on a hell of a show, and without doubt, they could have headlined this tour, or any other tour this year.

Next, 30 Seconds to Mars hit the stage, running, literally. Lead singer (as Oscar winner), Jared Leto came out in a long white coat and a golden crown upon his head. The first few songs, he dashed back and forth to each long sides of the stage, jumping up and down, and really having a great time. By this time of the evening, the crowd was practically at capacity and 30 Seconds to Mars flags could be seen among the crowd. The Charlotte crowd last saw 30 Seconds to Mars at the 2013 Weenie Roast.

Closing the evening of the Carnivores Tour was Linkin Park. If you have never seen Linkin Park in concert, first, shame on you, and second, get your ass out there and catch these guys before this tour is over. All in all, a solid setlist, a few songs cut short, a few mashups, but I would have a hard time deciding what to play if I had so many songs to choose from too.

Sight of Sound Magazine was there to capture the evening.



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