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Photo by Matt Christine Photography

Photo by Matt Christine Photography

This past week Echosmith returned to the Chameleon Club in Lancaster as part of 93.3’s End of Summer Jam at the venue. The band was originally billed as the opening slot for pop superstar Jesse McCartney but due to factors we aren’t quite sure on the band ended up headlining over him and playing a full set of songs for the Lancaster crowd.. Moments like this be very dicey to handle, the crowd could have very easily all been there to see McCartney and might not have known enough about Echosmith for them to stay after. As it would turn it out this wouldn’t be the case at all.

As I said earlier the bill originally had Jesse McCartney on the top but as the night went on it turned out that there should have been a huge asterisk next to that. Almost everyone was shocked to find out that his performance would be solely acoustic that night, something that was not mentioned anywhere prior when tickets were for sale. Apparently he tweeted about the show being acoustic earlier that week but not everyone coming to show would have seen this so I can understand the crowd’s disappointment to find this fact out. The packed house stayed positive as the anxiously awaited Jesse McCartney’s arrival to the stage in whatever form it was going to take that night. Doors opened on time but the VIP meet and greet with him was still going on so that was a fiasco in it’s own right and hopefully everyone who was a part of that meet and greet got what they had paid for prior to the mad rush of people charging the stage. Nearly an hour and 20 minutes after doors opened the lights dimmed and Jesse McCartney was introduced as he walked out to the center of the stage to take a seat right in the middle. For a brief moment the crowd was truly alive, they were screaming, they were singing, they were living in the moment and enjoying the set. Jesse posed for the crowd, was all smiles, talked about the new material and after 5 songs the show was over. Yes, that’s right. 5 songs.

I think it is safe to say that everyone was disappointed by the lack luster setlist that night. The performance was great and everyone understood that it was a radio sponsored show so it would be shorter but I think the crowd deserved a lot more then what they got. To be fair what they got was pretty damn good however, McCartney has taken care of himself and sounded great vocally for the few songs that were played. It’s a double edge sword in that regard but it certainly upset a lot of fans who were mumbling all sorts of things as he walked off stage and things began to get changed over for Echosmith’s performance.

The real highlight of the night was that Echosmith was going to get to play a full set as the headlining act. The last time the band came through they were the first band playing on Tonight Alive’s “The Other Side” tour in October so for them to be back and playing to a packed venue must have been a surreal experience for them. When I say packed I really do mean that it was packed, only a handful of fans who were disappointed from Jesse McCartney’s performance left, I actually think those who left were replaced by some late comers who bought walk up tickets at the door. Echosmith took the stage soon after the set change was complete and played nearly every song the audience wanted to hear. How do I know that? Well they sang every song on the top of their lungs and not just the band’s recent radio hit “Cool Kids.”

Over the past few years Echosmith have been touring a lot, opening for all sorts of tours and even doing two summer stints on the Vans Warped Tour. This nonstop touring can break some bands but it has truly helped Echosmith blossom into something I never thought they could be. They’ve broken into top radio charts so early in their career, something that NO other band on Warped Tour has had much success doing lately. That is huge honestly! Very few bands are making progress on their career’s the way these guys are and that progress shows in more than just the radio charts. Their live performance has matured and by this I mean that they have gotten very technically sound. Every moment, every action, every sound is very calculated but this doesn’t keep the band from being lose and having fun with the crowd as they perform. If they keep up the pace they are on they will be headlining venues a lot larger than the Chameleon Club very soon and most likely won’t be playing on Warped Tour again because they will be well past that point in their career. A surprise headlining slot can go either way as I said earlier but Echosmith has too much talent to let it rattle them and they proved themselves to a full crowd in Lancaster.

Check out exclusive photo gallery of Echosmith below and be sure to check this band out, they are on their way up and as of last week already headlining over major pop acts :

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