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When the support lineup was announced for A Day To Remember’s Parks and Devastation tour, fans of the blossoming “hardcore” explosion of the late 2000’s rejoiced, with a lineup that featured Warped Tour’s finest, circa 2009. As a testament to the staying power of the scene, A Day To Remember brought along perennial favorites Chiodos, Bring Me The Horizon, and Motionless in White for a tour that has sold out in most cities.

The tour stopped in Los Angeles on September 24th at the Shrine Expo Hall, a venue that rarely sees performances that could be described as “heavy.” Unfortunately, the venue’s lack of experience ultimately manifested itself in utter incompetence. Long lines to get in the venue, ticketing issues, and an improperly assembled front barricade (which posed a serious risk to those both working and attending the show) had set many on edge that night, but ultimately didn’t put a major dent in the festivities.

Motionless in White took the stage at around 6:30 and it was clear that the night was only going to get better. With a huge backdrop and dramatic lighting, the band tore into songs from their latest album Reincarnate (which just hit stores a few days ago) and played a few favorites for their older fans such as “Abigail” off of their debut album Creatures. For anyone who has been following Motionless in White for the past few years, it’s impossible to deny that the band has been trying to reinvent themselves and their sound. They still have the dramatic stage presence and makeup that they’ve always had, but their sound has traded an almost typical late 00’s metalcore act, for a much more mature, darker, almost Marylin Manson-esque sound. In all honesty, seeing them perform the latter style sets them apart from other bands in the scene in only the best way possible.

Next up were Warped Tour veterans Chiodos. After a few years with Craig Owens back at the helm, it’s clear that Chiodos is only upping their game as a band with each successive performance. They put on a show that manages to unite both post-hardcore and metalcore fans with whirling guitars, screams, and Owen’s signature clean vocals. They played a short but sweet six-song setlist that included a mix of both old and new, featuring the classic “The Words ‘Best Friend’ Become Redefined” and “Ole Fishlips is Dead” off of their latest release, Devil.

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Bring Me The Horizon took the stage next. The band came onstage to a giant, solid-white backdrop. When the music started, a technicolor light show being projected onto the white backdrop. Their show was visually arresting and sonically exceptional, with the projected light show perfectly synchronized with the music. Each time vocalist Oliver Sykes screamed “This is sempiternal” from their track “Shadow Moses,” the lyrics flashed across the stage. Their performance was accented by smoke cannons and colorful lights. Their set included favorites off of their past three albums, ranging from “Chelsea Smile” off of Suicide Season to “Sleepwalking” and “Can You Feel My Heart” off of Sempiternal. They performed with relentless energy for nine songs, closing out the set with “Antivist.”

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After much preparation, A Day To Remember finally took the stage around 9:30 to roaring applause and a blizzard of confetti. Audiences have come to expect elaborate stage setups from past tours, and the Parks and Devastation tour was no exception. The band brought a bit of the great outdoors onstage with them, complete with fake campfires, grassy turf, and a giant rendition of Mount Rushmore, complete with the bands’ own likenesses dominating the background. The band launched into “The Downfall of Us All” and transitioned seamlessly into “2nd Sucks.” Since the release of 2013’s Common Courtesy, A Day To Remember has been back with a vengeance and the energy on the Parks and Devastation Tour topped even last years legendary House Party tour. They went hard for fifteen songs, playing a range of hits from their four studio albums. Older fans were pleased with classics like “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle,” while younger fans screamed along to new hits like “City of Ocala” and “Violence (Enough is Enough).” Jeremy McKinnon made an appearance in his signature giant hamster ball, and rolled on top of the audience, while a mystery figure in a zebra morph-suit shot a t-shirt cannon into the crowd. The band closed out the night with a two-song encore featuring the anthemic “All Signs Point to Lauderdale” and an acoustic performance of the song that catapulted them to international fame, “If It Means a Lot To You.” Bad puns aside, it truly was a night to remember.

Writers note: Unfortunately due to the poorly constructed barricade, our photographer was unable to capture photos of Motionless in White or Chiodos. Photographers were ejected from the pit for their safety while the barrier was repaired.

Check out our exclusive gallery from the show below!

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