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         Lights return to the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia was an evening that was long overdue and rightfully hyped up in the weeks prior to it. Since her last performance during her Fall Siberia Tour Lights has gone through a lot of changes both as an artists and as a person. Musically she re-released Siberia in an acoustic version as well as releasing a band new LP this year titled “Little Machines,” with this tour being aptly named the “Little Machines Tour.”

         Beyond her musical career Lights became a mother and it was during this time of pregnancy to childbirth that she was working on the new album. This factor, as well as all she learned from the Siberia album cycle and acoustic re-release truly allowed her to focus her strong points to release her strongest album yet and embark on her most successful tour to date.

         Being a mother on the road while touring is no easy choice but Lights made the right decision when deciding to make it work for her. The Theater of Living Arts was packed to near capacity with hardly any room to move around prior to the start of her set and anticpation was only building because of the presence of her elaborate stage set up. Lights has always been known for very colorful and stunning visual performances but this tour saw the addition of large metallic backdrop with fixed lighting on each pillar as well as her logo cut out in the center. As she walked out on stage just prior to 9PM the lighting slowly flickered on and through the slight fog a white beam of light cut across the venue from behind her logo, creating a visually stunning effect as she sat down at the piano to start the night off with “Muscle Memory.”

         The setlist was very heavy with songs from “Little Machines” but that was to be expected both because this tour is in support of the album as well as the overall critical success of these songs compared to her prior work. Lights style has always been rather expirmental and fun but with this album she perfected the sound that she found in “Siberia” and you can tell she enjoyed the album making process just by how she performs these songs live. Her attitude shifts and a smile covers her face as she sings these songs, especially noticeable when the crowd was screaming along to “Running With The Boys.” The full setlist clocked in at 17 songs in total and is listed below for those interested.

Setlist for 11-2 : Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia
Muscle Memory
How We Do It
My Boots
Running With the Boys
The Last Thing On Your Mind
Drive My Soul
Saviour (Solo)
Where The Fence Is Low
Timing Is Everything
Same Sea

Up We Go
Oil and Water

         Lights performance stayed strong from beginning to end and during the course the show she truly showcased her skills as a musician as she played guitar, played piano and more all while singing away. A fair amount of the show also saw her running from side to side and interacting with the fans who she loves and talked about a lot during the evening. Early in the night a fan yelled something about tweeting something to her and she heard saying she remembered the tweet. Lights social media presence is respectable and her music even more so respeticable. In 2 years she has grown a lot as an artist and so has Sight of Sound, she was one of the first artists we covered in our early days. Lights is back and with “Little Machines” she is posed to grow far beyond playing The Theater of Living Arts as she breaks into a new audience and has continued success touring.

Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the show below from Matt Christine Photography :
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