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Review : Pierce the Veil

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

        Last week Freedom Hall in Lancaster was taken over by Pierce the Veil and 4,000 of their fans for a night of pure chaos, excitement and musical joy. Doors opened early to get everyone in out of the freezing cold who had been patiently waiting in line for hours to see their favorite bands, the side walk was lined with blankets and even sleeping bags of those who came out extremely early to get the best spots in line.

        The venue itself isn’t meant to be a concert venue, the stage is rented and the lights are simply put up in front of the stage with a massive rig that sways slightly with the bass of the show. That being said the temporary aspect of the venue made for a few dangerous moments during the night involving the barricade the venue had put up. Rather than securing the barricade with some height or to the floor itself the venue management/security thought that just setting the barricade on the concrete floor would suffice and hold back the crowd of fans. They were dead wrong.

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

        By the time Pierce The Veil came on the barricade had slid forward a good 2-3 feet and was nearly pressed against the stage. Many fans who had waited all day to see Pierce the Veil didn’t even get to from their coveted front spot because they got crushed by a reckless crowd who saw that the barricade would slide if they all pushed. This was truly unacceptable on the venue to have such a poorly designed barricade for this type of show, they are very lucky that no photographer or security got hurt when that barricade gave out the first time because that would have made for a nasty lawsuit.

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

        All that behind us the band came out right on time just past 10PM to a dramatic curtain drop and a rainfall of confetti as Vic Fuentes screamed the opening lyrics of “Hell Above.” The band’s energy from the moment the lights flickered on until they shut off was truly remarkable. Vic Fuentes found time to run around the stage with the microphone and make the crowd roar in between his numerous guitar parts, Mike Fuentes was illuminated on the drums so that everyone could see the intensity in his face as he pounded away track after track and Tony Perry and Jamie Preciado took turns running from each end of the stage all night and making faces at every fan in the front row. Pierce the Veil’s light show was also a great compliment to their performance, each song had a different color wash to fit the vibe and some were even treated to Co2 cannons at times.

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

        The show went off without a flaw really, the band has truly perfected their live performance over the past year and since we last saw them on the House Party tour with A Day to Remember. That being said I do think that their setlist was very short coming in at just 10 songs, many fans agreed with this thought saying that they felt they deserved a long set from the band. In the band’s defense I will say that the list was very carefully constructed to appeal to both the new and the old fans as it concluded with “King For a Day” featuring Kellin Quinn on guest vocals. The setlist from the show is below:

Lancaster 11-19 Setlist
Hell Above
Bulls in the Bronx
Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears
Hold On Till May
I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket
A Match Into Water
Bulletproof Love
King for a Day (with Kellin Quinn)

All in all Pierce the Veil delivered for Lancaster and the crowd gave their all right back. The World Tour that Pierce the Veil is on runs for a few more months and they will be back in the area for two dates at the Electric Factory in February if you missed this show or went and just want to go again. Either way make sure you catch this tour, it will be the band’s last run on their current album cycle before they release some new songs and it will most likely be the last time they hit the area for awhile too.

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