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     Over the past decade Flyleaf have worked relentlessly for their rightful place in the legacy of rock music but it is only in recent years that they have truly found their way and cemented themselves in the history of the genre. The band went through a line up change in 2012, a change many feared would derail Flyleaf but it turned out to be a defining moment in the band’s long career. Kristen May stepped up to fill the vacant spot on lead vocals and almost instantly the Flyleaf fan-base welcomed her to the spot and began to support her transition to the band.

     A bit over a year later the band would release their first album with May titled “Between the Stars” and the constant touring both before and after it’s release helped re-assure fans that Flyleaf was not going anywhere. The album was a critical success and well received by the fans who had been longer to hear new material with May at the helm, now the band is back on the road in support of the album and taking part in the SnoCore Tour. The tour just kicked off last week and so far has been packing venues almost nightly, despite the weather not being the most welcoming this time of year on the East Coast.

     Early in the day, before the show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Kristen May and Sameer Bhattacharya sat down to give us some insights into Flyleaf. They started off by talking a little bit about the current SnoCore tour for those who aren’t up-to-date on it but from there they dove into their musical and non-musical influences, songwriting practices, what it means to be an artist, and even some of their favorite stories from the road. To hear what they had to say check out the debut of my MiniDoc series featuring Flyleaf below :

     Later that night Flyleaf hit the Chameleon Club stage as the headliner of the SnoCore tour to an audience that was primarily there to see them. A quick glance over the crowd revealed countless fans wearing their favorite Flyleaf t-shirts and plenty of fans wearing their VIP laminates they got from an intimate meet and greet earlier in the night. Like clock work the band hit the stage at 9PM, kicking the night off “Set Me On Fire,” a new track from “Between the Stars” that the crowd was excited to hear judging by their intense screams as the song started.

     From there the band spent the majority of the set bouncing around their expansive discography, making sure that everyone got a taste of what they came to hear performed live. Technically speaking Flyleaf put on a remarkable performance at The Chameleon Club, a venue that can be sometimes known in infamy for it’s many “quirks” in equipment. Kristen May’s vocal far surpass those of her predecessor and her stage presence its very confident, she not only takes the time to engage the audience but she isn’t afraid to throw herself across the stage as part of the performance. It is important to note that her vocals remained spot on whether she was standing still, sliding across the stage or rolling around on her back; a true testament to the power of her vocals.

     The rest of the band was just as engaging as Kristen May was, Sameer spent the majority of the night running around the restricting and small stage of the Chameleon Club and both Jared and Pat joined him in this practice. From start to finish Flyleaf proved that they are still in top form, so much so that I would wager to say that their next tour will see them hitting larger venues. The Chameleon Club was nearly packed to the brim and I think the prospect of seeing Flyleaf continue to evolve to the next size of venue is exciting, just think of all the production they could bring on the road with them. Keep an eye out for their next tour announcement, I think it is going to shock a lot of people but only time will tell.

The full setlist from the Chameleon Club show is attached below, headlining SnoCore has allowed Flyleaf to perfect their setlist to a 16 song set which as I said really contained a great variety from all their albums :

Set Me on Fire
Sober Serenade
Fully Alive
All Around Me
Head Underwater
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
Great Love
City Kids

Call You Out
I’m So Sick

Flyleaf certainly impressed with their Lancaster show and 2015 is set to be a huge year for them; it takes a lot to go through so much change and struggle but the result has been them returning in such great form. Sight of Sound is excited to see what comes next from Flyleaf this year, but until than be sure to check them out on the SnoCore tour which runs for a few more weeks!

Also, be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the performance from Matt Christine Photography below that also contains a portrait photo of Kristen and Sameer from before the show:
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