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mattchristinephotographyy-8      Earlier this month Sight of Sound caught up with Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way and he shared many of his thoughts with us about the statement of the music industry as well as touring as a musician. The Las Vegas band recently released a new single, “I Get Around,” off their upcoming EP release, “Deserve This,” set to be released on March 17th. As DeJesus explained in our time with him their upcoming fourth major album has been labor love and is currently apart of a successful Pledge Music project. The music industry has shifted over the past few years according to DeJesus which has made this album arguably their most important to date. To hear what else he had to say about the future of Adelitas Way check out the video below :

      Prior to talking to him DeJesus had spoken of their Pledge Music project publicly saying “We are in the jam room preparing to write, record and release our fourth studio album!” he went on to say “This album will not be marketed by dinosaur corporate suits, but by a team that we are putting together that will finally see us taking our music global! In our eight years at a major label, we NEVER had our music released worldwide! We want to change this and want YOU to be a MASSIVE part of helping us spread our music across the world!” Adelitas Way certainly feels that they have a lot to prove after the rocky launch of their recent album due to their label at the time struggling to promote and properly support the album release. Now that the band has the power back in their hands they have shifted the course of their career and are seeking their rightful place in the rock community according to DeJesus.


     Their performance at the Chameleon Club certainly lived up to DeJesus’ statements during the interview with Adelitas Way coming out and rocking the stage from start to finish with an intensity that is hard to describe. There was very little down time during the set except when Rick was addressing the crowd about the music industry as he did during our interview and the heartfelt moment towards the middle of the set as he thanked the crowd for all their support. The SnoCore tour is a perfect way for the band to get themselves back on the road as they prepare for their upcoming headlining tour and continue to build a large support base for them. It will be interesting to see what happens as they release their upcoming album later this year, judging by the new single and the new material they played that evening at the Chameleon Club it could certainly be a defining moment for their career.

The SnoCore tour runs until March 12th so there is still time to make it out to a show and catch the return of Adelitas Way to the stage. Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the Chameleon Club show below :

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