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     Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada the rockers on the rise and good friends of Sight of Sound, Otherwise, stopped by the Chameleon Club in Lancaster a week back now to put on a very memorable show for the packed venue. Otherwise, being known for their incredible live shows, kicked 2015 off with the “From Birth to Burial” tour supporting 10 Years across the states.

     The tour was very well received in all markets with a large portion of fans coming out each night just to see Otherwise, The Chameleon Club was no different as many fans in the crowd had their Otherwise gear on. Lancaster has always been a special market for the band as they drew a very large crowd the last time they came through supporting Filter.

     Since then the band has cut out some negative influences and re-focused according to guitarist Ryan Patrick who talked with us prior to the show. Otherwise released their sophomore album late last year, “Peace At All Costs,” and has been supporting it ever since. The first single off the album, “Darker Side of the Moon” charted 16th on the Active Rock Charts and their new single “Coming For The Throne” is currently climbing the charts right now, request it at your local radio station if you get the chance to. As stated Sight of Sound sat down with Ryan Patrick before the show to talk about a myriad of subjects including that new single, the tour, the career of Otherwise and more. Check out the conversation below :

     Now normally there would have been two acts prior to Otherwise giving them a modest amount of time on stage but for reasons that I never found out an opener was unable to make it to the Chameleon Club show which meant the band was going to have a much longer time on stage. This meant the inclusion of songs like “Lighthouse” that don’t always make the set, the Otherwise fans were certainly pleased with the extension of their set that night. Prior to the band taking the stage they gathered in the back in a circle as they prepared themselves for what was to take place that night, after a quick shout the huddle broke and they stormed the stage to assault the crowd with a relentless performance.

     Having the over 21 crowd on the ground floor of the Chameleon Club instead of residing upstairs certainly gave this show a unique vibe and atmosphere that Otherwise was able to pick up on early on in their performance. Lead singer, Adrian Patrick, moved around the stage with an incredible amount of energy as he belted out each song flawlessly even as he hung off the stage at times giving fans the chance to sing into the microphone. His vocals shined strong on the heavy tracks such as “Vegas Girl” and “Coming For the Throne” but it was truly incredible on the deeper cuts like “I Don’t Apologize” and “All The Pretty Things.” The crowd appreciated these heartfelt songs during the set as it gave them a minute to catch their breathe, sing along and often times reflect on the songs’ very heavy meanings.

     Back on drums, Corky Gainsford kept things on beat all night even while he was flipping drum sticks in the air, spinning them around his hands and even standing on the kit at on point. Many of his sticks would break during the night’s performance but that didn’t slow the performance down and if you weren’t standing right next to him like I was you probably wouldn’t have even noticed it happening.

     Newcomer to the band Tony Carboney or “The Beast” as the band refers to him was a perfect fill for the bassist position and the fans have already embraced his presence in the band as if he had been there from day one. Andrew Pugh was also in top form that night and all smiles, more smiles than usual actually as he tried not to get trampled on the extremely cramped stage that the Chameleon Club had to offer. Otherwise is so many pieces coming together in the right way to create something special, and a big part of that is the crowd interaction both during the show and outside of it.

     There are very few bands in rock right now like Otherwise, in fact there are few band likes Otherwise in any genre of music right now. The band shares a very special bond with their fans and considers them family, as they say themselves “We Are All Otherwise.” I think the band will only keep climbing the rock genre until the reach the “throne” that they are coming for, Otherwise packed the Chameleon Club on a Tuesday and though 10 Years was the headliner that night there is no doubt as I said that the crowd was there for them too. As their long set came to an end the crowd roared with approval as Adrian Patrick ran through the crowd singing the ending of “Soldiers,” a perfect song to bring their family of a crowd together as one. As he climbed back on stage the band turned their back to the crowd only for a minute to commemorate the evening with this photograph :

Be sure to check out the full photo gallery from Matt Christine Photography below, check out Otherwise’s newest album “Peace at All Costs”  and as always thank you for reading.
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