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Artist Feature : Cartel

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

     This past weekend Cartel took the stage once again for an intimate show at the Santander Performing Arts Center in Reading. The group is currently getting ready to hit the road for a very special 10 year anniversary tour in support of their album, ‘Chroma’. The upcoming Philadelphia date on April 17th has already sold out and reports are that many of the other shows, both in the area and across the country, are close to doing the same. Joining the band on the upcoming tour will be Hit The Lights, Team*, Driver Friendly, and Hydra Melody.

     Cartel is also offering a new special release of their album ‘Chroma’ on Vinyl, though the group reported on Facebook yesterday that there was a small pressing error that would prevent them from being available for the tour. These things happen and with Record Story Day around the corner it is even tougher to remedy a small error. However the album will be released and shipped soon enough to fans who have ordered it in advance so at the end of the day at least everyone is going to get what they paid for.

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

     The show in Reading showed that Cartel still has what it takes to be in this scene, in fact they were opening for an artist of a completely different genre and they managed to make fans out of a large of people in the audience. Having just about an hour to play the band ran through a quite packed setlist of their material including “Sympathy,” “Burn This City” and even a cover of Oasis which the crowd really enjoyed.

     Lead singer Will Pugh was in great spirits joking with the crowd in between songs, telling a few stories, and even giving a disclaimer after their Oasis cover that they didn’t write it but they’ve had people in the past think it was their song which he found hilarious. The set of course contained the bands two mega hits “Say Anything (Else)” and “Honestly,” both of which drew the largest reactions from the mixed bag of a crowd in attendance at the Santander Performing Arts Center.

Photo by Matt Christine Photography
Photo by Matt Christine Photography

     Be sure to pick up your tickets if you haven’t already for the upcoming Chroma Tour because Cartel’s return is something that now music fan should miss, not to mention the fact that they are going to be playing the album every night of the tour. Also be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the Reading show below from Matt Christine Photography, full tour dates listed below also.


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