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     All Time Low stopped by Gallery of Sound in Wilkes Barre as the band trekked through Pennsylvania this past Saturday promoting their new release, Future Hearts. The album, due out tomorrow in the US, is one of the most anticipated albums of 2015 and though it has been streaming on iTunes Radio for a week is expected to chart highly on the Billboard charts. On it the band has remained true the sound that saw them rise to fame in the early 2000’s but All Time Low have matured vastly since their last release and the result is a truly remarkable album that will surely become one of the most critical releases of their now decade long career.

     It was no surprise to see wristbands for their in store appearance at Gallery of Sound become unavailable shortly after the announcement as many fans were eager to share such an intimate acoustic afternoon with the band. Arriving there around noon I was greeted by a massive line of fans that stretched around the building, some of which claimed to be there from 5am in the morning, waiting patiently for their chance to get inside and out of the wind for the one of a kind show.

     Before the large line waiting outside could be let in a special meet and greet was hosted by local radio 98.5 KRZ  as All Time Low arrived early, signed some merch, posed for photos and even gave hugs to the fans lucky enough to win a spot on that list. After they made sure each fan had their full attention the band was kind enough to pose for some more photos with other people from the radio station as well as being able to take a second to pose for an exclusive band portrait just for Sight of Sound, as seen below :

Photo by Matt Christine Photography

Photo by Matt Christine Photography

     Not even a minute after All Time Low tucked themselves away behind the very small stage set up of Gallery of Sound, the doors to the outside were opened and a stream of fans rushed to the stage to get as close as they possibly could. As the anticipation grew, the fans grew tighter and tighter together as they squeezed as many friends as they could around themselves to push towards the stage. Things were just beginning to settle in and calm down as the start time of the performance approached when suddenly All Time Low’s new single, “Kids in the Dark,” came on sending the fans into an all out screaming and singing frenzy.

     Just a few minutes later the band walked out onto the stage with their instruments, nothing glamorous but something entirely unique and intimate for all the dedicated All Time Low fans who were lucky enough to score a wristband. The vibe of the performance was set from the beginning as Jack Barakat came out bearing a fruit tray,  yes I said fruit tray. All Time Low had decided they the needed to share a fruit tray provided to them by Gallery of Sound with their fans and they made sure it was passed around up front before kicking off their acoustic performance.

     I have to admit that there was something truly special about seeing All Time Low perform in this way, on a stage this small. I think the acoustic performance allowed their new music to shine in a new light that works strongly with the new matured image the band has been pushing lately, by no means do I think they have forgotten who they are as artist but I think they certainly have made great strides in providing themselves with longevity as artist with Future Hearts.  Alex Gaskarth vocals were some of the best I have ever heard from him and the rest of the band was equally tight on their parts as well despite the stripped down acoustic presentation.

     There was no shortage of crowd participation or interaction as the band joked constantly between songs with them even going as far as asking how Wilkes Barre was pronounced early in the set. Jack Barakat tossed plenty of guitar picks to fans during the set and when the show ended the four of them stood up thanking everyone and reminding everyone to stick around for a signing that would take place shortly.

     It took a lot of coordination and a few more minutes than originally planned but order over the crowd was obtained as they were shuffled into a single file line to meet the band at a table that had been set up on the stage they just performed on. Having only a short time to get through everyone no photos were allowed with the band but every fan in attendance got something signed and went home on a smile. Gallery of Sound hosted something incredible with this All Time Low in store performance and signing, something that fans may never be able to do again as the band continues to get more popular.

     Later this month All Time Low will return to Pennsylvania for a full on-stage performance at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center, joining them will be special guests Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs; tickets are on sale now at the Sands website and the Livenation website as well. You will not want to miss this headlining show, the last time the band hit the Sands stage they were opening for A Day to Remember in October of 2013, at the show they swore they would be back and they are keeping true to their promise as they stop by on April 16th for one of the first performance of the Future Hearts Tour.

Check out Sight of Sound’s exclusive gallery of All Time Low performing at Gallery of Sound on April 4th from Matt Christine Photography :

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