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     Last Friday night the incredibly popular indie duo, Matt and Kim, brought their “New Glow Tour” to the Electric Factory for a sold out performance. By sold out I mean every ticket was sold and quite possibly even some more because the venue was packed from front to back and wall to wall in a way I have never seen before honestly. Matt and Kim recently released their fifth album titled, “New Glow,” before embarking on this lengthy nationwide tour in support of the disc.

     Back in January the first single “Get It” was released which instantly served to build up hype for the release, the anticipation only grew further when “Hey Now” and “Hoodie On” were released in the weeks prior. “New Glow” peaked 33rd on the Billboard 200, 3rd on the US Independent Albums Charts and ended up 5th on the US Top Rock Albums.

     The night was young when Matt and Kim took the stage at 9:45PM but the Philadelphia crowd was ready to party with them and began doing so instantly as Matt and Kim both ran onto the stage to the cheers of the crowd taking a second to toss a t-shirt into the crowd before starting the night off with “Overexposed.” Strobe lights of color burst to life all around them encasing both the stage in the crowd in a cascading sea of colors that were perfectly timed with every drum beat and in sync with each key struck.

     As the song came to an end the stage dimmed but the excitement only continued to grow as Matt and Kim assaulted the crowd with confetti canisters causing a flurry of dancing from front to back of the Electric Factory.

     Once behind their respective instruments a massive backdrop was unleashed towards the back of the stage as they tore into “Tonight,” urging the Philadelphia crowd to get off their feet, jump, dance and do whatever it took to have a good time with them. After the third song Kim left her drum kit as she did so many times during the night to dance but it was during this particular moment that she told Philadelphia she wanted to see at least five girls crowd surf during the next song, it would turn out that she got what she asked for and so much more as hundreds of people flowed across the hands of the crowd from that point on.

     Matt and Kim transform their songs while performing live and take the songs to a new level that is hard to describe unless you see them honestly. While each song sounds distinctly like the studio versions there is something more interesting about watching them perform the songs live as they come alive together on stage feeding off each other’s energy and laughing/smiling the entire time.

     In fact I would go as far as saying that Matt and Kim are the best alternative, indie, or pop performers I have ever seen in terms of technical ability. Matt’s vocals are insanely powerful live and full of life throughout the entire show, Kim is just a beast on the drums as she never stops all night and when she does it is only to climb on top of her drums, dance, or both at once.

     The setlist for the evening was a fantastic mix of new, old and plenty of surprises. There is no doubt that the covers of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” drew huge reactions from the Philadelphia crowd but a vast majority of the new material drew equally large reactions including a massive dance along during “Can You Blame Me” early in the night. There is no doubt that their fanbase spans multiple genres, generations and personalities which is part of what makes Matt and Kim so special, so many different people were able to come together for a fantastically fun night of dancing, laughter and happiness.

     Where else can you find that in the music industry today? You can attend 100 plus shows in a year and I guarantee you won’t have as much as as you would with Matt and Kim, that is the beauty of the duo. They are original, fun, artistic and most importantly talented.

The full setlist is below for those who are interested in what Matt and Kim are up to during the New Glow Tour run :

Party Up
Make a Mess
Don’t Slow Down
Hoodie On
Good for Great
Can You Blame Me
Hey Now
Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare (Warm-Up)
Get It
Ten Dollars I Found
Push It
Let’s Go

Yea Yeah
It’s Alright

Be sure to check out Sight of Sound’s exclusive photo gallery below from Matt Christine Photography and don’t miss out on seeing Matt and Kim during the New Glow Tour!


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