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Exclusive Review : Zedd

This past Saturday night Zedd brought his “True Colors Tour” to the Liacouras Center located on the campus of Temple University in downtown Philadelphia.
Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

This past Saturday night Zedd brought his “True Colors Tour” to the Liacouras Center located on the campus of Temple University in downtown Philadelphia. Zedd has been perched atop the EDM charts since his major breakthrough in the scene in 2009 and his newest album “True Colors” has only further cemented his dominance of the genre.

The album, his second full length, released earlier this year in May and peaked at Number 1 on the Billboard US Dance/Electronic Album Charts. The disc features many guest vocals from on the rise alternative stars X Ambassadors to established pop giants such as Selena Gomez and Echosmith. Shortly after it’s release the “True Colors Tour” was announced with Dillon Francis and Alex Metric as support on all dates and special guests to be announced for many shows.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

The Philadelphia stop on Zedd’s tour comes towards the tail end of the tour as it is set to wrap up here in the states later this month before going over seas to finish out the year. After a long but enjoyable start to the night from all of the supporting acts the moment for Zedd’s Philadelphia had arrived as we slowly approached 10:15PM. The venue was carefully flooded with fog prior and the crowd fed off the anticipation that had built in the air minutes before he was set to go on. The house lights went dark and the largest LED wall I have ever seen burst to life across the entire arena.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

The fog that was seemingly boring just moments before came to life as numerous lights were projected from on top and below Zedd’s large screen. A dim light soon illuminated the DJ who stood with his hands over his head as his name slowly spelled itself behind him as thunderous bass echoed throughout the arena. Perfectly on cue the full screen burst to life was CO2 erupted from the front of the stage and the crowd danced along to the first drop of the night during “Beautiful Now,” a track of Zedd’s newly released “True Colors.” The mix was well paced from the very beginning as no track was too rushed and each was given an ample amount of time before transitioning flawlessly to the next. The first 20 minutes was by in a flash and each song was complimented with visual effects across the screens as well as numerous amounts of C02 bursts and even confetti.

The floor of the Liacouras Center was full of life all-night and peaked during key moments of Zedd’s nearly 2 hour set. A highlight of the evening came about 45 minutes into the show as Zedd mixed Justin Beiber’s new single, “What Do You Mean?” into the set. The crowd stopped dancing but only because they were singing along on the top of their lungs as purple lasers cut across the venue above them. Even the fans in the stands danced along from their higher vantage point during the night and held their phones above the heads trying to get that perfect Instagram video to post.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

From start to finish Zedd treated his fans to a show unlike any other that has taken place in the Liacouras Center. His production was nothing less than breathtaking and when mixed with his ability to put together an incredibly paced mix the result was what should be considered the standard for an edm show. With that amount of lighting and visual effects it would have been very easy to phone it in and just use that as a crutch to deliver that set but Zedd is an artist who lets his music dictate the show and the lighting became more of a compliment to the music than anything else. The stage transformed to mysterious castle, a dizzying display of colors and of course many iterations of Zedd’s logo through out the night. There were so many different effects during the set that it is impossible to describe them all unless you saw it for yourself. Do yourself a favor and check out Zedd’s “True Colors” and if you are lucky enough try to get to a date of this tour. It is certainly one of a kind in all regards.

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