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Featured Review : Lights

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

     This past week Lights return to the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, a city that has supported her musical career from the very beginning. The night was very special as many fans in attendance at the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia had been long time fans of Lights, seeing her last year when she came into town supporting her newest release “Little Machines” or even seeing her a few years prior when she was on the road touring for “Siberia.” There was no doubt that some fans even saw her in the earliest days of her career over at what was the North Star Bar before it closed earlier this year. All of that history made Lights Philadelphia show feel like a homecoming of sorts between her, the crowd, and even the venue staff.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

     Lights became a mother a few years back and since then her musical career has skyrocketed, no pun intended. During her pregnancy she worked on and finished her most recent album, the songs would go on to become some of the most critically acclaimed of her career so far. Early on in the show you saw the crowd’s faces light up with joy when she went into tracks off “Little Machines,” the biggest reaction came from “Running With The Boys” and “Up We Go” late in her set.

     During the show Lights announced to the crowd that she would be releasing “Little Machines” in an acoustic format as she did with “Siberia” a few years back. It was during this time that Lights slowed the night down and let her vocals shine during a brief acoustic set. Though her vocals are always stunning live they came across clearest during this more intimate portion of the night. Hopefully there is an acoustic tour in support of the re-release because those shows would sell incredibly well.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

     Lights performance stayed strong from beginning to end and during the course the show she truly showcased her skills as a musician as she played guitar, played piano and more all while singing away. A fair amount of the show also saw her running from side to side and interacting with the fans.Lights social media In 1 year since her last stop in Philadelphia she has continued to grow, even making it to the Billboard 100 Festival earlier this year. There is no telling where Lights will end up in the next year but one thing is for sure she will never forget the fans in Philadelphia who helped get her to where she is today.

Check out an exclusive photo gallery from the show from Matt Christine :

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