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Review : Sleeping With Sirens

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

     This past weekend Sleeping With Sirens took advantage of an off day on their current tour to headline a show at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA with support from Neck Deep. The band has currently been out supporting All Time Low on their Back to the Future Hearts Tour for the past month. The Sherman Theater is much smaller than the arenas that Sleeping With Sirens had been playing on their run with All Time Low which gave the show an intimate vibe that other dates of the tour didn’t get to experience. This, coupled with the fact that Sleeping With Sirens would get a longer set as the headliner meant that the Sherman Theater was fully packed by the time the band was set to take the stage.

       As the lights darkened across the venue the crowd began to chant Sleeping With Sirens, over and over again for quite a few minutes until the band emerged one by one from the side of the stage. At that point the chant dissipated and was replaced with screams, roars and cheers of anticipation from a crowd that wanted nothing more than to see their music heroes hit the stage. The stage was illuminated with a wash of color as a “S,””W,” and “S” flickered to life, the band quickly turned things on as they dove right into “Kick Me” with a scream.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

      The band fed off the crowds over the top energy from the very start and did not relent all night. Fans came flying over the barricade as they relentless crowd surfed to get closer to the band they love so much, many even stood on chairs that the venue had decided to leave in on the sides. It wasn’t long until the intensity of the show caused the chair to begin to break as the mosh pit needed room to expand. Around the 4th song Kellin announced that a tech had asked them to stop for a minute because their lighting rig needed time et to be reset due to a glitch.

However that isn’t what happened, Kellin screamed that they were a rock band and they would play in the dark over stopping the show. The crowd roared with approval as the band pressed on with just the house lights on. About a song later their full arena sized lighting rig burst back to life and the crowd roared with approval as the band became color washed in their sea of lighting that was positioned all across the stage.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

       I want to give Sleeping With Sirens a lot of credit, very few bands are selling the number of tickets to shows and the amount of albums that they moving right now. This success is much deserved and earned but it doesn’t come without those who seek to criticize them. There is no doubt that the band is poised to be one of the biggest bands of this generation, Sleeping With Sirens is ready to make the jump to headlining their own arena tour and I am confident that their fans will support them when they do so.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

Check out an exclusive gallery of Sleeping With Sirens by Matt Christine :

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