The Maine : American Lines Tour Review

Photo by Matt Christine

Photo by Matt Christine

This past week The Maine brought the co-headlining American Lines tour to Pennsylvania on St. Patrick’s day for a concert that shined bright on the future of the band but was deeply rooted in their storied past. The band’s latest album American Candy was released in late March of 2015 and helped put the spotlight back on the band. In an era where alternative has become the norm ‘American Candy’ was a breathe of fresh air musically from The Maine who have been around in the scene since the mid-2000’s. Fans of The Maine will know that their line up has stayed consistent for a years now but for those who don’t the band is as follows; John O’ Callaghan (vocals, guitar) , Kennedy Brock (Guitar), Jared Monaco (Guitar), Garrett Nickelsen (Bass), Pat Kirch (Drums) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bass) .

The green-clad crowd roared in approval as The Maine took the stage not too a new song but a throwback as they kicked things off with a massive sing-along of “Into your Arms.” The tone was set at that point, The Maine had come to play for Stroudsburg and soon they would call on them to play back as John O’ Callaghan yelled out at the end of the song that “this is your life and you only have one chance at living, so let’s have fun tonight!” The crowd answered his call with a call of their own as they sang along “Don’t Stop Now” as the band danced across the stage, guitars in hand.


As the band wrapped up the second song of the night the stage become a color wash of deep reds, harsh purples and dancing blues as their “M” logo shined brightly behind. Longtime fans knew what was next just by the change in lighting and when John O’ Callaghan walked back to his microphone it was clear that things were about to kick up a notch and they with “American Candy,” the title track of their newest release.

From there the band took the Sherman Theater across a setlist that truly spanned their career and had fun while doing so even going as a far as bringing a fan from the front row up to sing on “Girls Do What They Want.” The crowd gave the band their all and the band did the same back even getting them to start crowd surfing towards the tail end of the night.

Photo by Matt Christine

Photo by Matt Christine

The Maine – American Lines Tour Setlist 3.17.16
Into Your Arms
Don’t Stop Now
American Candy
Inside of You
Girls Do What They Want
Diet Soda Society
Am I Pretty?
Right Girl
Ice Cave
Same Suit, Different Tie
Like We Did (Windows Down)
English Girls
Everything I Ask For
Another Night on Mars

The Maine put on a show that made it a St. Patrick’s day to remember for all those in attendance. We are very excited to see where 2016 takes them, keep an eye out for some announcements regarding the band’s summer tour plans in the coming days!

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