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     Every once in awhile an artist comes around and changes the game, Ruth B is doing that now in the world of pop with her chart topping single “Lost Boy” and her EP ‘The Intro.’ A song that started out as a 6 second Vine clip quickly became an overnight sensation but the journey from a random chorus inspired by ABC’s Once Upon a Time to number 1 single didn’t happen overnight. Ruth B was a Vine star before this happened but the popularity of this clip led her to the flush out the song which ended up helping her secure her record deal with Columbia Records in 2015. The rest is history or should I say the future because things have just started for Ruth B, we spoke on the phone earlier today and when asked about the past year she said that “it has been a really great year and it has all just been incredible. I’m just taking it.”

     Taking it all in doesn’t mean that there is time to rest, Ruth B has been working on her debut album during this busy past year which she told Sight of Sound that “I’ve written all the song over the past year so I think it just a little glimpse into my life and the stories that I have come across.” She went on to explain what it means to be a story teller in pop music and not just a pop star saying that

“I think, for me, the most important part of my life is telling stories or telling them in a manner that people can understand them and feel understood by. I think is what my purpose is so it is very important to always keep that in mind when I’m writing and to tell the story as honestly as I possibly can because I feel like that is just the best way to do it.”

     When asked about the connection between “Lost Boy” and Once Upon A Time the subject of inspiration for her songs came and she said that inspiration for her music can be “anything that I come across that makes me feel a certain way that I think other people should experience. That is typically how I write but there is nothing that I am closed off too and there is nothing that I’m more drawn towards.”

     Ruth B will come to Philadelphia this Friday, September 30 at the Fillmore in Philadelphia with Alessia Cara and Nathan Sykes. Do yourself a favor and support good music; check out the show this Friday and check out Ruth B’s EP ‘The Intro’ available now everywhere.

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