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Buckcherry | ’15’ Anniversary Tour

10 years ago Buckcherry released ’15,’ an album that catapulted the band to new heights and a disc that would forge the future of contemporary rock music for many years following. Buckcherry had been a rock mainstay prior to the release of this album but ’15’ was the disc that brought the band cross over appeal with the popularity of the ballad “Sorry” and of course the party rock anthem that is “Crazy Bitch.”

     From top to bottom the album is some of the band’s strongest work with even the none official singles having incredible lyrical structures and complex guitar portions, “Everything” and “Broken Glass” come to mind in this example. Needless to say when the announcement broke that the band would be hitting the road this fall playing this album top to bottom there was a lot of excitement in the rock community. Having released a strong discography since the release of ’15’ very few of these songs had been making the band’s setlist over the past few years and Buckcherry fans jumped at the chance to time travel back to 2006 with the band to hear the album that they fell in love with.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

     Last Tuesday this tour came through Lancaster, Pennsylvania bringing a large crowd out to the Chameleon Club a few days before Thanksgiving to have a great time. The band took the stage just minutes past 10PM and got things started with a bang as “Sunshine” was the first song played. Interestingly enough while the band did play the entire album of ’15’ but in a different order than the songs were originally presented on the studio release. By doing this Buckcherry was able to better pace the evening and save the heavy hitters for the end of the ’15’ album portion of the set. Fans were treated to a smattering of other great music from the band such as “Lit Up” and their cover/remake of Icona Pop’s “I Love It” but the draw of the evening was hearing the classic songs that haven’t been played in years.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

     Josh Todd’s vocals have held up well over the past decade and one can even go as far as saying he is a better performer than he was in 2006. That statement can be applied across the board to all the members of the band without exception, I know not everyone was apart of that 2006 line up but the show last Tuesday was one of the best I have seen them put on. Why? Because it was fun; the band had fun, the fans had fun and the music stood strong carrying the entire evening.

     We would say Buckcherry is back but it is hard to say that they ever left – the truest statement is that we hope other band’s follow suit with this model because sometimes going backwards is the best way to go forward in the rock world.

Photo by Matt Christine
Photo by Matt Christine

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