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      Nearly 6 years ago Ronnie Radke made his truimphant return to the hardcore scene as Falling in Reverse came out swinging with one of the best albums of 2011 – now in 2017 the band is set to have another chart topping release when ‘Coming Home’ drops in April. The band has evolved over the past half decade as Radke worked all of his musical influences into the band following their debut album. Grunge, Hardcore, Rap and yes even a “country” influence song became a part of the Falling in Reverse musical legacy. The result? A fan base more diverse and more devoted than almost any other band in this genre.

     The first two songs of the new album, “Coming Home” and “Loser,” have contained much of the signature Falling in Reverse style included Radke’s stylist vocal flairs but the music itself shows the band turning yet another artistic leaf. The beauty of art is that it doesn’t have to be limited to one thing, while most bands find a sound stick with it Falling in Reverse has thrived on taking every sound and making it their own. The result creates a musical expierence that can dip from a breakdown to a rap section and for example to something a bit more experimental / industrial as the new songs are. There is method to their madness though as tour after tour has been full of sold out shows for this band and this past weekend at the Fillmore in Philadelphia was another milestone in Radke and co’s sold out championship belt.

Photo by Matt Christine

Photo by Matt Christine

     The band took the stage just before 10PM on Saturday as the lights went dim and an eerie, futuristic sounding ambient space noise was played through out the venue. A massive LED wall burst to life behind the band as they dove right into longtime fan favorite “Sink or Swim” of their debut album ‘The Drug in Me is You.’ This tour has seen the band mixing the setlist up over past tours as they bring in material that hasn’t made the set in recent years such as “The Westerner” and “Good Girls Bad Guys” as well as some songs such as “Game Over” that have never been performed before this tour. Both “Loser” and “Coming Home” made the final setlist in Philadelphia as well as a new song yet to be released titled “The Departure” which featured Radke on a guitar that would later get smashed in the set.

      Technically the band has never sounded tighter live, Ryan Seaman in particular stood out as he was in top form Saturday evening despite the fact he could hardly be seen behind the massive veil of lights that cascaded around him on stage. The stand out of course was front man Ronnie Radke who seems to have gained more energy at 33 than he has ever had on stage. We have covered this band many times over their 6 year and growing career but nothing came close to the performance Radke put on in Philadelphia on Saturday – this includes Warped Tour performance, headline shows, festival and support roles. Every song was full of passion vocally and the gratitude Radke expressed towards the fans in attendance was visible before he even brought it up around the middle of the set. From start to finish his vocals shone bright, especially on some of the new songs off ‘Coming Home’ which makes us very interested to find out what else the band in store on that album.

Photo by Matt Christine

Photo by Matt Christine\

Philadelphia, PA – 1.28.17 Setlist

Sink or Swim
God, If You Are Above
Rolling Stone
Fashionably Late
Chemical Prisoner
Game Over
Good Girls Bad Guys
I’m Not a Vampire
Bad Girls Club
Raised By Wolves
The Westerner
The Departure

Coming Home
The Drug In Me Is You
Just Like You

2017 is poised to be another big year for Falling in Reverse, we expect to see another tour announcement from them after the new album drops later this year. There is no doubt that ‘Coming Home’ will be the biggest release to date and we at Sight of Sound are proud that our home state of Pennsylvania gave the band a sold out performance this past weekend.

Below is a gallery of images from the show at the Fillmore :

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