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Photo by Matt Christine

On Friday night, at 12:01am, MGK dropped ‘bloom’ – the third studio album of his career and one of the most anticipated albums of 2017. The hype had been a gradual building following the initial release of “Bad Things” featuring ex-Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello but rapidly intensified following the subsequent releases of “At My Best” faeturing Hailee Steinfeld and the promotion release of “Trap Paris” featuring Quavo and Ty Dolla Sign.

Hailing from Cleveland MGK has been a well known name amongst “the scene” for a few years now as his early career saw him collaborating with artists like Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens and frequently making the Warped Tour circuit. MGK’s strive to not identify with one genre through his rap is what has made his evolution of an artist an interesting journey to follow as he has supported everyone from Limp Bizkit to We The Kings on tour. ‘bloom’ is the truest rendition of MGK’s range as rapper as there a blistering tracks, softer ballads, guitar solos, and even a few pop heavy medleys in the mix.

Photo by Matt Christine

A few days before the formal release of ‘bloom’ MGK performed to a sold out crowd at the Reverb in Reading, PA – a city he once regarded in an interview as the sketchiest place he had ever gotten a tattoo from. The crowd was visual representation of his music, diverse and a wide range as you encountered people from all walks of life in the packed club that night though the front row was seemingly a majority of female fans.

The performance was everything it had been hyped up to be by the internet as it was intense, raw, and incredibly out of control as MGK downed tequila as he jumped around the stage. Days before a few shows had been cancelling due to what was reported as a broken sternum but the pain didn’t slow MGK as he seemingly embraced it to rattle through a 16+ song set. MGK remembers where he came from and gave the fans the old material that got them hooked like “All Night Long” and “Wild Boy” but also had his mind on the future as he debuted “The Gunner” off ‘bloom’ that night and found room for “Bad Things” and “Let Go” as well.

Photo by Matt Christine

The story of MGK is young and yet to be written but based on the success of the past 3 years and the forecasted success of ‘bloom’ it would be safe to bet that 2017 is the year that the hustle will pay off him. MGK has said ‘bloom’ was the album he always wanted to make but what he didn’t know is that ‘bloom’ was the album that hip/hop has always needed. The mold has been broken and now that ‘bloom’ is out it can never be recast as the album continues to climb the charts as we publish this article.

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