Secret Solstice Festival | Fesitval Preview

It is official, the Secret Solstice Festival has confirmed their final line up in their third wave of artist releases. 35 artists will be performing across the 4 day festival this year as it spans the weekend of June 15 to the 18th in the capital city of Reykjavik. Built around the concept of never ending sunlight this year’s line grows to incredible new levels of diversity as Foo Fights, The Prodigy, Chaka Chan, Rick Ross, Big Sean & more headline the festival amongst 30+ other huge names in music. The line up is a blend of international meets Icelandic as crowds come together to celebrate the solstice in the most original and unique way possible. Thought it may be sunny it will still beat the intense heat that many American festivals are known for as the party will likely not get warmer than a brisk 65 degrees, likely to leave many readers envious of their festival weather conditions. Rain or shine the Secret Solstice is set to be a truly remarkable festival this year and among our top 3 worldwide for 2017.
The highlight his year has to be the addition punk legends Tappi Tíkarrass, which was where Björk originally got her start. New this year also are numerous outside events including a party in a glacier for a select number of guests that has been called “Into the Glacier” as well as the additional of a midnight sun boat party that has quickly sold out since being posted for sale.
The full 2017 line up can be viewed below :unnamed.png
Sight of Sound hopes to be in attendance for the June 18th date of the festival, stay tuned for additional coverage as we branch out to include international coverage from the Secret Solstice 2017.
Secret Solstice 2017 festival passes plus lava tunnel and Into The Glacier side event tickets are on sale now while supplies last!

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