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Dashboard Confessional – 17 years later and still going strong, possibly better than ever before with Chris Carrabba truly only hitting the stride of his career. The band is out all summer long touring with support from The All-American Rejects and The Maine. A perfect combination of tour that many fans have possibly dreamed about since their very first iPod playlist a decade ago. Last weekend the tour came to the Sands Bethlehem Event Center for a Sunday night showcase of what the “emo” generation has become. The band’s music has impacted two generations of listeners at this point and seemingly has no signs of slowing down. From age 12 to 28 everyone in the crowd of 1,900 or so was there for a reason, the music spoke to them at some point in their life.

As the house lights went dark and the band walked on stage to begin the evening with their colossal hit ‘Vindicated’ it was clear that the next hour and a half would be one massive sing along with the crowd. The crowd sang so loud during the chorus it was thunderous, this was song one with many more to come and the energy in the building would have made a casual passerby think it was an encore performance. As only one of many performers to come through the Lehigh Valley area this year it spoke volumes to see the crowd that turned out that Sunday evening. This show might have been some of these fans only concert this year, there were people of all types brought together by one thing – their common shared experience with Dashboard Confessional. Regardless of whether they were a lawyer now or unemployed many in attendance grew up with these songs in their headphones and still return to them today.

Dashboard Confessional is like a good wine, it is only getting better and more valuable with age. The band has impacted more generations than many ever achieve and they are showing no signs of stopping now as Carrabba’s live voice has never been better and the fan support seemingly never greater. Check out our exclusive photo gallery of the performance below :

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