Featured Review | John Mayer’s ‘Search For Everything’ Tour Part II

Photo by Matt Christine

John Mayer’s return to Philadelphia was a milestone that may not be broken in some time- Mayer’s first leg of the ‘Search For Everything’ Tour hit a sold out Wells Fargo Sent back in April of this year, his trek with the Dead and Company brought him back in in June to the BB&T Pavilion and last Friday Mayer returned with the second of the ‘Search for Everything Tour’ at the BB&T Pavilion. 3 massive shows in 4 and a half months in just 1 market, when the math is done one can estimate that nearly 23,000 people came out to witness John Mayer in some capacity in 2017.

There are few artists pulling that sort of consistent attendance in any market. Much of this can be attributed to John Mayer’s artistic evolution. On the first leg of the ‘Search For Everything’ Tour Sight of Sound commented :

“In an industry that has been forced to conform to so many standards for live performances it was incredibly refreshing to see Mayer take back artistic control and truly command the shots for his performance. “

It is increasingly powerful to watch how Mayer has come into his artistic stride over the past few years, it can’t be attributed to just one thing and we aren’t trying to detract from any of his earlier works but the past 2-3 years have been a true re-birth for him as an artist. Each album has been a stepping stone for Mayer and while the ‘Search For Everything’ may only be a few months old it could certainly go down as one of the crown jewels of his career with nearly every song being technically and artistically masterful.

In the past 4 months something else has shifted, Mayer’s concerts have become even more alive than they were before. It could be the recent run with the Dead and Company just bleeding into this tour but Friday night was filled with a since of raw energy that wasn’t present at the Wells Fargo Center show. John Mayer and the band took the stage a few minutes late on Friday evening due to a weather delay as thunder and lighting echoed in the distance. The storm didn’t scare anyone off as the lawn was still packed to the brim as fans eagerly awaited the arrival of John Mayer and his band for the start of the show.

Photo by Matt Christine

The setlist was changed, the new music was at the forefront now as ‘The Search for Everything’ has grown to be some of Mayer’s strongest work and Mayer worked the guitar in a way only he can. Nearly every song had some jam time, some of the songs even got snippets of other songs worked into the extended plays with everything from The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead and Motley Crue being played. The tour is still segmented into themes as was the first leg a :”Full Band,” “Acoustic,” and “Acoustic Trio” performances returned but the “Full Band Reprise” was notably longer than last time and the “Trio” performance contained a stunning mix of covers this time around.

As with any tour growth can be expected, Mayer has thrived on growth through out his career which made this second leg of ‘The Search for Everything’ tour shine as bright as it did. The constant switch over from acoustic to electric, a noticeable confidence with the new material and a crowd that would have jammed until 2AM made for a remarkable concert experience on a rainy Friday evening.

Where Mayer goes from here is tough to say, it is early in the album cycle but hopefully his ‘Search for Everything’ brings him back to the area soon enough – the market clearly can’t get enough of his artistry and if the past 4 months are any indication he can’t get enough of Philadelphia either.

Setlist :

Full Band :
Helpless (with ‘Miss You’ by The Rolling Stones snippet)
Queen of California (with ‘Scarlet Begonias’ by The Grateful Dead snippet)
Covered in Rain
Love on the Weekend
Why Georgia / No Such Thing

Acoustic :
In Your Atmosphere
Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty cover)

Trio :
Crossroads (Robert Johnson cover)
I’ve Got a Woman (Ray Charles cover)
Who Did You Think I Was (John Mayer Trio song)

Full Band Reprise :
Still Feel Like Your Man
In the Blood
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Edge of Desire
The Heart of Life (snippet)
Dear Marie

Encore :
Moving On and Getting Over
Home Sweet Home (Mötley Crüe cover)

Epilogue :
You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

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