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2017 is winding down but Third Eye Blind it shows no signs of stopping as the band presses on with their “Fall of Summer Gods Tour.” A tour that was never truly meant to happen as Stephan Jenkins explained to the packed crowd at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center – what he meant by that was the band had intended on going into the studio this fall to work on new material. However, they were having so much fun on the road that the decision was made to extend the “Summer Gods Tour” into the Fall which brings us to now. Third Eye Blind is a colossal name in the alternative rock world and continues to do so by focusing on what they know best, their signature sound and incredible live performances. The fall tour was again different though because the fun that Jenkins spoke of really was on display from start to finish of the concert in Bethlehem. The band laughed, joked, and truly enjoyed being on stage together as they rattled through a solid hour and a half set full of deep cuts, chart topping singles and powerful new materials.

One of the highlights of the evening came early on as the band performed “Company of Strangers” off the ‘We Are Drugs’ EP. The crowd was into it and the band fed off their energy as Jenkins prowled the stage with true rockstar charisma. When “Deep Inside of You” made in appearance during the show after a fan shouted it out the vibe started to change as the crowd became more relaxed as they felt more of a connection with the already incredible show. There is no doubt Jenkins truly is one of the last true rockstars in a caliber of greats such as Liam Gallagher, Dave Grohl & more. Each song was delivered flawlessly, a crucial part of being a true rockstar, but beyond that his stage presence and ownership of the show is what makes Jenkins shine so great. From the first song to the last everything is calculated from the pace of the set to the lighting shifts and Jenkins role as the leader through it all is incredible to watch. At times he would swing his arm towards the crowd letting them take over as he just smiled and watched – this happened more on some of the songs I’m sure he has grown tired of performing but it wasn’t overdone to the point that it took away from his parts.

As 2018 approaches Third Eye Blind seems to be one of the few constants in a chaotic world, their new material is likely going to reflect the chaos of the world in which we now live. Hopefully Jenkins takes the same fun that he had with the Bethlehem crowd on Sunday night and captures that into the new music, either way when Third Eye Blind returns the line will wrap around the building just like this time and the time before it. Alternative ands are a dime a dozen these days but true talent never fades even after 20+ years in the scene.


Back to Zero
Semi-Charmed Life
Company of Strangers
Red Star
Don’t Give In
Slow Motion
Deep Inside of You (Acoustic)
Motorcycle Drive By
Crystal Baller
Losing a Whole Year
Never Let You Go
How’s It Going to Be

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