Review : Paramore’s ‘Tour Two’

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In 13 years as a band Paramore has gone through highs, lows, and even “Hard Times” in recent months – all of this has contributed to their artistry and staying power in a music world flooded with alternative and pop options. The band’s ‘Tour Two’ in support of their recent release ‘After Laughter’ saw the band travel across the country to mostly sold out rooms, both large and small. One sold out room was the Sands Bethlehem Event on October 10, a remarkable sell out due to the fact that the band had just played to a sold out room in Philadelphia a few nights before. While this tour was filled with underplays for the band the demand for Paramore has never been higher than the ‘After Laughter’ era as maturity has set on both their music and their fans.

This is still the same Paramore that brought middle school jams like “Crushcrushcrush” and “Misery Business” but as life has gotten more complicated so has their music and the fans have embraced this change with open arms. The band’s early work certainly was innovative in it’s time but now it wouldn’t fit in the same space as some of the music coming out of the alternative genre – cue 2017 Paramore who have begun to create an experience out of their music more than ever before.

The show opened with a colorful rendition of “Hard Times” – a truly tragic song when examined but the contrast of colors and Hayley’s peppy vocals made the start of the show a wonderful introspective into the human condition of smiling through the pain. Were people thinking that during the show? No. But looking back at the night it really becomes clear that though Paramore has matured they are still in the business of misery and their music helps fans who are experiencing the same or similar moments in their lives. Shortly there after the band dove into “Still Into You” and moments after doing so you could see a fan in the front row burst into tears as she sang along. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, and tears of connection with a song that has related to her life. Paramore’s music has always been very applicable to the lives of a generation and their live show embodied that same aspect making their 19 song set a roller-coaster of joy, sadness, anger & more all the while being a true masterful performance.

New songs, old songs and everything in between made the setlist for the sold out show – Paramore left another lasting impression on their fans in the Lehigh Valley and hopefully the next time around the band will still have the same fire in their hearts that they do now. Some flames burn out but Paramore’s has only shown brighter over the past decade and as long as their fans keep tending to it I doubt it goes away anytime soon. ‘After Laughter’ is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one all at once as Paramore presses forward into late 2017 and 2018 – we expect their next tour to be a return to massive arenas which made this ‘Take Two’ Tour such a special night for so many people. Until next time Paramore the Lehigh Valley will be here waiting for your return.

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