COIN – A Sold Out Night with the 9:30 Club

A sold out show for an upcoming band is a milestone, numerous sold out shows on the same tour for an upcoming band is usually an indication that artistic magic has been found – this is just the case for rising-star alternative band, COIN. Currently on the road for a North American tour supporting their recent release, ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’ the band recently made a stop at the one of the most legendary venues on the East Coast – the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. Joining them on this run are The Aces. With a capacity of just about 1,200 for a general admission show and a plethora of downtown entertainment many bands come through the DMV area without attaining the elusive sell out. COIN had no difficulty achieving this sell out on a Saturday night and the line wrapped blocks around the building with fans eager to get through the doors into the venue taking them out of the cold winter rain that had hit the capital that evening. The crowd was lively, energetic and a mirror image of the sound COIN has been able to capture in their music. In the minutes leading up to their arrival on the stage the sold out crowd spent their time dancing and singing loudly to every song on the house playlist as they transformed the venue into a make shift pre-show nightclub of sorts.

The speaks went silent as the lights flickered off and the stage became dimly lit as the LED screen that spanned it fired up. Soon the crowd began a screaming frenzy as COIN walked on stage to start the show and wasted no time. By the time the chorus of “Boyfriend” hit on the second song of the night the temperature of the 9:30 Club had risen easily 10 degrees as dance mixed with lighting in a spectacular fashion. Fans were treated to an excellent mix of old and new material but the true core of the performance lived in the band’s new songs off ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try.” From the belted choruses of “Don’t Cry, 2020” to the pop portions of “I Don’t Wanna Dance” COIN showcased exactly why they are selling out nearly every venue they are playing this tour. Their technical skill while performing is superb, there is no denying it but their true virtue comes from their passion and love for the art they have created. This is exceptionally clear on these new songs, by the time the band delivered their current massive hit “Talk Too Much” the crowd had been treated to fully developed and flushed out set.

It is early in 2018 but COIN have already made it their year, don’t be surprised to see this band back in your market soon playing in a larger venue for even larger sold out crowds. ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’ is the biggest release of their career and based on their show at the 9:30 Club they are ready to make this album their stepping stone to bigger things.

Exclusive Gallery of COIN performing at the 9:30 Club in Downtown Washington DC

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