Welshly Arms – Artist on the Rise

2017 was a break out year for hybrid alternative-blues artist Welshly Arms hailing from Cleveland, Ohio as their EP ‘Legendary’ rose to critic and commercial success late in the year. The title track “Legendary” quickly rose the alternative charts as the band had captured a sound that the public was longer for, a soulful sound full of energy and truth that conveyed raw emotion vocally. The song was but one of four on the EP and this was not the band’s first effort but it quickly became their most accessible. Lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Getz is a natural born performer on the stage, those who have seen Welshly Arms will understand just how true this statement holds but the magic of this band is that same sound is present on the recorded material as well.

While currently on the road supporting Missio the band returned to Pennsylvania for their third stop in recent months as they seek to continue to grow in 2018. Each show has been a stepping stone of progress with this most recent at the Musikfest Cafe being the most stunning. Sam Getz, as powerful of a frontman and vocalist as he is, is only but one of the many cogs that makes Welshly Arms shine – joining him to his left were Bri and Jon Bryant whom together made the stunning soul section that gives Welshly Arms their signature flair. Behind them sat Mikey Gould on drums, Jimmy Weaver on bass and Brett Lindemann on keyboards all contributing to the band’s nuanced sound in their own crucial way.

During the show the band played a currently unreleased track titled “Sanctuary.” It was this song that cast aside any doubt that there may have been about this band having lengthy and well deserved success. There was no time frame given for when a finished track would be released to the public but with it’s hypnotic catchy chorus and a-typical song structure the bet could be made early that it will certainly be another chart topper for Welshly Arms. 2017 was a big year for this band but 2018 is going to be the year that takes Welshly Arms to new heights.

Catch them now on tour with Missio and at select festivals with more dates to likely be announced soon

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