MISSIO – Breakout Artist to Headliners in A Year (What’s Next?)

While the duo has been around since 2014 it was the chart topping success that the band managed to capture in their single “Middle Fingers” that helped them achieve this milestone in their career. Their debut album ‘Loner’ has been available for less than a year and in that time Missio has captured the hearts of many fans seeking a more original and truthful sound in the alternative world. On February 28, 2018 the band returned to Bethlehem at the Musikfest Cafe on their current (and first ever) headline tour across the country as they spread their messages and art further in 2018.

Dressed in matching white garb the band took to the stage amid a wash of color lighting as they debuted a fresh new song that instantly had the crowd moving along to the beat. Missio’s studio album ‘Loner’ was precision executed from start to finish and these complex sounds were replicated live as Matthew Brue and David Butler worked in tandem all night long. Early on in the show the band delivered a sonically powerful rendition of “KDV” as the multi-stepping bass track intro was blended flawlessly into Brue’s vocally challenging chorus section. The entire set echoed the core purpose of their album and while they introduced some new material along the way Missio stuck to what they do best – the creation of tension through artistic delivery of contrasting sounds and styles.

Through out the night the band conveyed a whirlwind of emotions to the crowd – subjects from addiction to love were tackled in some rather non-conventional ways as Missio used their art to impact their fans on multiple levels. This duality of interaction was crucial to their success of “Middle Fingers” last year as many listeners found it relateable for a wide variety reasons but as the band would explain they want to be known as more than just that band with a song about flipping people. A comment that is rightfully just as many of the band’s song performed that night share the same yearning of self exploration that listeners should be engaging in – the crowd embraced many of these tracks especially “I Don’t Give A…” late in the set. It was earlier though that the band exposed a lot of about themselves in their art as they delivered a mesmerizing version of “Twisted,” a song that in our current geo-political situation hits home louder than it possibly was intended at release. Missio are artists of misery in the best way as they convey the struggles of their lives for those who need to hear them and as a result they have created a strong bond with their fans over the past year. Misery knows no bounds and as more people search for music to fill the voids in their lives Missio will continue to grow as their stories become the story of us all.

Looking back nearly a year since ‘Loner’  has released a lot has changed for Missio and a lot has changed for us all – a year from now more will have changed and Mission will have moved onto bigger venues playing their music for more fans in search of something new, artistic and most important something with raw, true emotions to it. Missio is more than the band who gave 2017 the finger, they are the band that alternative music needed most when it had reached an era of staleness.

Be sure to check out our exclusive gallery below of Missio’s intimate headline show at the Musikfest Cafe on February 28, 2018.

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