Lights – We Were Here Tour Hits Lancaster

This album cycle marked the beginning of a new chapter for Lights as she dove deeper into concept with her album as she released a comic series in tandem. As each album and year has progressed by Lights has seemingly found a way to never let her creative go stale as she continues to find the secret to blossoming in a very competitive music scene. This new material, coupled with her return for an intimate show at the Chameleon Club set the cards for the night to be a very special one for the many fans in attendance.  Though Lancaster sits well outside of Philadelphia were the tour wrapped the week prior many fans in attendance spoke about traveling in from the city and a good amount even made the trek up from DC for their second dosage of the “We Were Here” tour as well. While it certainly wasn’t a hometown show there is no denying that our market loves Lights and the crowd had created a dynamic atmosphere that rendered a much different feeling than many other shows hosted in the Chameleon Club.

The night was kicked off with a well delivered set from rising artist – Chase Atlantic. The band recently wrapped up a tour with Sleeping With Sirens and has been riding a high wave of success that has been quickly coming their way. Musically the band doesn’t fit into any specific genre as they blend together an alternative/indie sound that fuses well with a more aggressive, yet mellow vocal style that echoes contemporary hip/hop styles. The result is a sound that the band can truly call 100% their own and a stage show that got the crowd moving on their feet for the duration of their show. The highlight of the set came when the played “Into It” as it seemed like that song was the most well known amongst Light’s fan base.  The band has a solid run of dates both with Lights, Sleeping With Sirens & more set for this year before they hit the road for the final Vans Warped Tour this summer.

The stage was quickly turned over for the main event of the evening as many fans arrived late with just minutes until Lights was set to take to the tiny Chameleon Club stage. Gear poured over onto the sides of the stage as her massive touring production was reduced down from what many other venues got to fit for this intimate Sunday night concert. As the house lights went dim her LED screen that spanned the length of the stage flickered to life as calming blue lighting was cast across the crowd. Lights strolled out and become a dramatic silhouette for the first half “New Fears” before the rest of her production burst to life at the start of the first chorus. The set focused heavily on her new material of ‘Skin&Earth’ and should come as no surprise as the album contained many of the strongest tracks Lights has released in her career. Along the way fans were treated to custom imagery for the tour flashed across the LED screen as well as much art coming from Lights’ comic series that accompanies the album. While Lights focused heavily on the present with powerful performances of “Giants,” “Skydiving” and “Kicks” she didn’t shy away from her storied past as “Toes” was one of the first songs played that evening.

A stripped down acoustic set in the middle of evening lit by candles offered a great change of pace from the pulsating electronic sounds that Lights is known for and gave fans a glimpse into how the songs are formed. She told the crowd of 600 or so that most of her songs start this way and after a few acoustic songs it became overwhelmingly clear that Lights true talent is within her vocal control performing. Whether full out dance anthem or stripped down acoustic every note was delivered in key and with a subtle air of passion in each lyric.

Lights truly is a once in generation type of artist – she has released numerous full length albums, equally as many acoustic stripped down versions of those albums and continues to tour without any end in site. Her music has only gotten better with each effort thought that isn’t a statement to discredit her early work because in it’s time ‘Siberia’ was one of the most innovative albums in alternative music. ‘Skin&Earth’ marked the beginning of a new era for Lights however she remains just as true to her core as an artist as when she first entered the scene.

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