Matt and Kim Set to Return to Philadelphia This Month

After taking a year off forcibly so due to injury Matt and Kim have returned in force as the Brooklyn duo prepare to unleashed their 6th album onto the alternative airwaves. Just recently the title of the album has been revealed to be “Almost Everyday” and so far the three tracks released from it have shown that Matt and Kim have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon as they continue to evolve the sounds they pioneered over a decade ago.

The road back to finishing an album and launching a tour has been a long one as many fans of the band will know as Kim Schifno suffered a detrimental knee injury in early 2017 that took the band off the road for awhile. Though all was not lost because during this time it seems their creativity remained strong as the duo has said they began writing less than a couple months into the injury rehabilitation process. Music heals all wounds many people say and Matt and Kim seemingly tapped into that common saying as they pressed on to finish their 6th studio album.

On April 22 Matt and Kim will return to the city of brotherly love as they bring their tour to the Electric Factory – nearly 3 years to the date since their last show there on April 21, 2015. Philadelphia alternative fans have always had a special place in their hearts for Matt and Kim as the band has played numerous radio sponsored events in the market as well as their own headline tours over the years.

Are you on the fence about attending? Calendar not free yet? Better hurry, Matt and Kim’s last show at the Electric Factory ending up selling out and we were there to witness it, check out this quote about the 2016 from the Sight of Sound archives :

“Matt and Kim transform their songs while performing live and take the songs to a new level that is hard to describe unless you see them honestly. While each song sounds distinctly like the studio versions there is something more interesting about watching them perform the songs live as they come alive together on stage feeding off each other’s energy and laughing/smiling the entire time.”

If that doesn’t convince you that you should be spending your Sunday with Matt and Kim maybe some of these photos below will (scroll down to check it out)! For those who are ready to get their party on all the information you’ll need is below. We hope to see you there and who knows, maybe you’ll end up in our photos from the night. If you party hard enough anything is possible at a Matt and Kim Concert

AGES 16+

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