Bush’s ‘Black and White Rainbow Tour’ Continues On

Gavin Rossdale has become a household name as far as rock stars go and through it all he has continued to pack venues with Bush across the country as they did last week at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. Touring now in support of their 2017 release, ‘Black and White Rainbows,’ Bush have found the longevity of success by becoming a tour mainstay that keeps bringing fans back for more actions every time they hit the road.  Though British in origin the Rossdale lead Bush are as crucial the development of contemporary alternative music as many of the American Grunge mainstays like Stone Temple Pilots and even Pearl Jam. Though unlike these bands Bush fell on the more experimental side of the sound spectrum and this uniqueness has allowed them to continue to innovate their sound to this day.

As the time neared for Stroudsburg to experience a true Bush headline performance the crowd began to chant Rossdale as the lights went dim across the venue for the band’s arrival to stage. As cascading warm hued strobed flashed across the stage the band walked on stage to a massive cheer as Chris Traynor began the opening riffs of “Everything Zen” and Gavin Rossdale smiled with a wave to the crowd who had been chanting for him moments earlier. In the first 5 minutes Bush showed how well they have refined their sound over the past two decades as Rossdale delivered a stunning vocal performance on the opening song of the show – evening finding time to make a running slide onto his knees for a guitar solo towards the tale end of the song.

As the night pushed forward and the band moved from “All My Life” quickly into “The Chemicals Between Us” it became clear that Bush was set to take the crowd on a musical journey through their vast catalog of material during the concert. All the while Rossdale taking little time to catch his breath and more time making sure he was engaged with the fans in the crowd. At 52 years young Rossdale personified the iconic “age is just a number” claim as he out-performed, out-moved and out-shined many artists half his age. The fuel to his fire are the fans and you could see that their energy would often react a response from him onstage as he locked eyes with many in the front row during the choruses of “The Sound of Winter” and “The People That We Love.”

The main set closed with a striking “Little Things” that led into the most energized performance a band could possibly deliver with an encore that was jam packed of some of their biggest hits and a cover of R.E.M.’s “The One That I Love.” By the time Bush had struck the final note of “Comedown” both the band and the crowd had given it their all for a show that will not be soon forgotten in Stroudsburg, PA. Rossdale, smiling as he had all night, thanked the crowd for the amazing evening as he walked off stage with a wave. There would be no second encore and no was there, Bush had given the fans what they wanted and as they walked out of the venue to their cars many were plotting when they could see Bush again.

Over 20 years in and Bush are just hitting their peak years now as a band that has only gotten better with age, hear is to hoping for at least 20 more years of innovative and inspiring multi-genre music from Rossdale and Company.

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