Matt and Kim – From Injury Hiatus to ‘Almost Everyday’ to Philadelphia Return

After 3 years Matt and Kim’s return to the Electric Factory was nothing short of overdue as the band’s break from touring kept them from getting back sooner. Luckily Kim Schifino’s severe knee injury healed up well post surgery and as a thank you to their patient fans the duo completed a brand new during this down time from touring. ‘Almost Everyday’ has quickly become of the Top 10 most anticipated alternative albums of 2018 since the release of the first single earlier this year “Forever.”

Though the show was on a Sunday night the crowd was ready to party as Matt and Kim took the stage just passed 9:00PM after a short – but incredibly quirky – intro video was played that urged everyone in the packed venue to grab a buddy because things were about ti get sweat. The Philadelphia crowd was ready to party and roared as one as the band’s logo appeared on the backdrop of a color washed stage and Matt and Kim both ran onto the stage together. The duo climbed on top of their instruments, tossed a shirt into the crowd, yelled back at the excited fans in the front row and to the surprise of everyone started the night with one of their biggest songs “It’s Alright.”

Their performance and energy was as raw as ever but it was clear that the time off from tour gave Matt and Kim a renewed sense of urgency during their performance as they were even more animated and full of life than previous tours. Whether it was Kim climbing on her drum kit to dance or Matt swinging his microphone over the crowd for a chorus by the time the band finished the third song “Hey Now” it looked like they would have to run out of energy at some point. Spoiler – they didn’t. From start to finish Matt and Kim kept things at 200% and the result was one of the most fun shows I have seen them put on for Philadelphia.

Photo by Matt Christien

Matt and Kim live is a completely different experience than Matt and Kim on your Spotify playlist because these songs were meant to be played in a room of sweaty people having the time of their life. That doesn’t mean that singing the lyrics to “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” while you are at home in your apartment isn’t fun – but singing it was 2,000 other people who are having the time of their live is a totally different thing. Matt and Kim don’t stick to the studio versions you know and love either – they enhance them working in AC/DC, subtle key changes, completely different medleys and more.

Matt and Kim’s success is their fun and synergy together as a duo, they’ve recaptured the magic that made us all fall in love with them and by doing so they’ve seemingly grown to all new heights. Hopefully Philadelphia won’t have to wait another 3 years to see their smiling faces put on an amazing show for what will most certainly be another packed venue.

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