The Used – Cross ‘The Canyon” with massive Stroudsburg Crowd

As 2018 marks the end of Warped Tour it is only fitting to see band’s like The Used, a former mainstay of the summer touring monster, finding continued long term success on their own headline tours. To say that this band has grown since emergence into the scene would be a drastic understatement as The Used has struck a vein of creativity that has allowed them to not only remain relevant for well over 15 years but to sit at the top of the pack of artists who are putting out music to challenge the listener.  Their most recent release “The Canyon” is a shining example of the band’s vast ability to tackle concept as the album takes listeners on a journey focused on mental health, suicide, recover and copping – all topics that are more relevant this year than ever before. All the while The Used manage to stay true to their punk and anti-authoritative vibes which made the album even more dynamic – the same can be said for their current tour supporting it.

During the night lead singer Bert McCracken took a good amount of time interact with the crowd through all sorts of means, fans got treated to a couple of stories about the album, some fun chant and responses and most importantly some real meaningful words. A few lucky young fans even ended up on stage at one point. There is something to be said for how much The Used really care about things; this extends to all walks off life, their fans, the world, and the music industry. There is no denying that “The Canyon as a whole is a very heavy album in terms of meaning and the band worked a lot of these messages into their set but didn’t try to force it on the crowd. The band constantly encouraged and challenged the crowd to honestly just see how polarizing and traumatic the world we live in is and I can’t think of a better way to do that then with their music.

The night wasn’t all talk though, the most important part of their set was the music. Technically, this was the best I have ever seen The Used perform. As a whole they interacted as a band more than I had ever seen them do so before and Bert seems to be in great shape from all the constant touring they have been doing which helped his performance out greatly. The night was full of mosh pits and crowd surfers especially during :Pretty Handsome Awkward,” however the most inspiring moment of the evening came during a passionate performance of “All That I’ve Got” late in the set. The song is at it’s core a very emotional song but when Bert chocked up on the lyrics it looked like he was shedding a tear and he just kept going added a level of emotion to the song that just doesn’t exist on the studio album. The band closed their set out with the fan favorite “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” and just as quick as it all started The Used left the Sherman Theater stage after a jam-packed 15 song set full of music from all era.

The Used are in better form than they have ever been and their studio work continues to raise the bar – based on their current touring success there is no doubt that the band will be back soon enough for another night of passionate music for Pennsylvania fans.

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