Liam Gallagher – The Last True “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”

This is the story of Liam Gallagher’s gig in Philadelphia and it is nothing short of a saga worthy of enscribing into the history books of true rock n’ roll. In an ironic yet symbolic fashion the city of Philadelphia was shadowed with a dreary London-esque overcast with rain for the duration of the day. This unpleasant weather pattern had been cited as the reason the decision had been made to move the night was moved indoor from it’s original location at Festival Pier to the Fillmore. The venue opened doors early, around 6:30PM, and the sea of umbrella carrying fans filled inside to get a pint or whiskey before taking their places on the massive floor of the Fillmore.

For many fans this night was their first experience getting to see Liam Gallagher perform a gig. Some of them were late to the Oasis train for whatever reason it may have been, others were simply too young when the band was in it’s peak and some were even just introduced to Gallagher when his solo album came out last year. These newcomers were quick to kick up conversation with the veterans in attendance who were even quicker to trade stories of other gigs they had caught Gallagher at – a few even alluded to a coveted ‘biblical’ gig, a phrase that Gallagher had reserved for only the best shows of the tour. The anticipation for the start of the show was palpable and the postponement of the November show only served to add to the level of energy that filled the room.

Gallagher wasted no time and used few words as he approached the microphone to simply say “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” as strobe lights flashed around him to state the show. Less is more though as the crowd erupted with applause as the band kicked

off the gig with the Oasis classic and moved quickly into “Morning Glory” with Gallagher only taking time to toss a fan a tambourine in between the two iconic songs. Initially hidden behind a sleek pair of sunglasses Gallagher was quick to toss them aside as the set pushed on into his solo material but his signature parka remained in place for the duration of the 12 song set.

Whether Gallagher was performing solo songs, Oasis hits or even some deeper cuts his vocals were spot on and the crowd knew early on that this Philadelphia gig was going to be one of the special nights of this shorter US tour taking place. The band was equally tight for the duration of the set and the mix was perfectly done allowing Gallagher’s strong vocals to carry the set from start to finish.

It was not a show – it was a concert, a true rock n’ roll gig in the big city and Gallagher, while serious when performing, kept things light through out the night as he bantered with the crowd and offered a sincere apologize for the November cancellation before he performed a remarkable live version of “For What It’s Worth.”


There was no denying that the Oasis songs factored heavily into the set but artistically Gallagher’s new material of his solo album ‘As You Were’ offered him a wider range of material to work with during the set. Some of the slower songs allowed Gallagher’s voice to really resonate into the venue and at one point while he was performing “Bold” the crowd erupted in thunderous applause at the end of the strong showing of talent.

The second time around proved to be the charm for Liam Gallagher’s arrival to Philadelphia and it was possibly the gig of the year for the city of Philadelphia. During the set Gallagher promised he would return and mentioned the possibility of his new album being out in the next year or so.  Whether he is back supporting more new material or another run on the current album there will be no question that Philadelphia will show up for ‘RKID’ and he will put on all he has for them in return. Call it ‘biblical,’ ‘mega,’ ‘legendary,’ or whatever else you will – Liam Gallagher is the last true rock star and this show was one more chapter in his legacy.

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