Hollywood Vampires – Turning The Unexpected To The Indispensable

The formation of the group echoes the culture of our world today – in a time that we are saturated with amazing combinations of talent in film like Marvel’s Avengers it seemed only fitting that it’s equal would rise again in the music world. Two years ago when the Hollywood Vampires emerged as what could only be called a trial run it seemed that it was curiosity that drew fans to purchase tickets for their first tour. Nearly every show sold out and many were unsure of what to expect of Cooper, Perry, and Depp.

However, the trio delivered the goods and as the tour wrapped up many surely thought they experienced a once in a lifetime event. Luckily for rock that wasn’t the case as the band’s return as been stronger than their initial outing and they’ve formally announced that the project as entered the studio as well. Hollywood Vampires are no longer the spin off project of ‘Jack Sparrow’, ‘Aerosmith’ & more – they are here to become their own identity and deserved to be treated as such.

As promised their show for this secondary run for the super group or power trio contained a fair amount of original songs but Hollywood Vampires were true to the magic they captured on the first tour as many of the songs were re-imagined covers. Whether they were songs written by friends, songs written for their other projects or songs that inspired the group the theme of the performance was rooted in the presentation of rock music for the sake of true rock. None of these musicians on the stage needed to be out there as they are so wholly successful individually – the Hollywood Vampires success is the rooted passion to the music and their performance put this love on display from start to finish.

The set was constructed in a fashion similar to that of a traditional cinema blockbuster, it was a slow burn to start with the climatic last third leaving the majority of the Sands Event Center crowd speechless. The Vampires started the night with a brand new song that was titled “I Want Mine Now” but not before being met with roars from the near sold out crowd upon their arrival to the stage. Cooper at 70 has found new energy with the Hollywood Vampires as he delivered flawless vocals for the duration of the set with some of his moments being on songs that weren’t originally his to sing such as “Sweet Emotion” late in the night and the totally re-worked version of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley.”


Cooper shared the spot light among the other members of his super trio with Depp getting his time to shine on vocals for a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” that was completely different than it’s original version yet in context of the Hollywood Vampires perhaps even more meaningful than was intended by the late David Bowie. The night was full of moments of dedication to their friends and tour mates who have passed on yet it was done as tribute and never got to a point were an emotional heaviness felt overwhelming to the crowd.

The Hollywood Vampires have quickly cemented themselves as a touring mainstay and the release of their expected upcoming original musical will only further this. Cooper, Depp and Perry have struck creative gold with this project all the while adding an additional page in their long artistic legacies. This is no cover band – this is the real deal and rock music for the pure sake of just rock. It may be another decade or even a century before a combination of talent emerges such as the Hollywood Vampires.

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