Panic! At The Disco Take Over Toronto, Canada

Just a few hours before the concert was set to take place a statement was issued by the venue, alongside the band, that announced a change in the line up due to some production and border delay issues.  Openers Hayley Kiyoko and Arizona would not be performing that evening as a result of these behind the scenes developments as a seemingly massive delay set the show load-in back what can only be assumed was numerous hours. Fans outside the venue quickly rose into a fever pitch of worry as fear and rumor spread that Panic at the Disco too would be unable to perform due to these issues as well. However as the night approached and doors opened around 7PM these fears quickly transitioned into elation once more.

With well over a decade of material that spanned six full length albums Panic! At The Disco had a wide variety of songs to deliver to the packed arena of nearly 30,000. The final setlist for the night showcased the wide range of both Brendon Urie’s vocal talent as well as the truly diverse catalog of music he has put out with Panic! At The Disco over all these years. It came as no surprise that the show kicked off with a fiery version of ‘Silver Lining (Fuck It) ‘ off the band’s newest release ‘Pray For the Wicked.’  The album more than delivered on the challenge as well as the hype coming off the critical success that precluded with with ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and the majority of the set was comprised of songs from the album.

Across twenty eight songs Brendon Urie led the crowd across a cross generation journey that shined brightest when Urie was able to deviate away from the studio version’s of tracks. Whether he was hung from a flying piano that sailed across the venue or dancing across the stage with a pride flag tossed to him Urie was the rightful focus of the show as he demonstrated just how he was able to keep Panic! At The Disco continually growing all these years – pure, raw talent that is remarkable in a live setting.

Brendon Urie shines when he is in front of a crowd and over the past 2 years the size of that crowd has grown form small clubs to full arenas of fans. It is not unreasonable to think that Urie and company will be headlining stadiums even bigger within the next two years based on the current trajectory of the band – only time will tell but right now there is nothing stopping Brendon Urie from holding the throne on alternative music.

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