Young The Giant – The Road to ‘Mirror Master’ and Beyond

Officially the show was billed as Spin 107.1’s first listener appreciation show as the band stopped by the Lehigh Valley for a full headline set with all their production included on a Tuesday night for a crowd of well over 1,500 people. The small stage seemed larger than usual as Young The Giant’s lighting extended in all directions and haze used for the show flooded out onto the Steelstack backdrop.

The band is currently on the road touring as hype builds for the release of their new album, ‘Mirror Master,’ that is set to come out October 12th. Young The Giant has come a long way since their explosion into the alternative scene in 2011 with their colossal hits “My Body” and “Cough Syrup” – both of which made appearances late in the set during the Levitt Pavilion show and drew large reactions from the diverse crowd.

However, the most interesting parts of the show came as Young The Giant looked towards the future and spotlighted new/yet to be released material. Early in the set the band performed their newest single “Superposition” and while it may not have been met with the numerous dance circles and cheers their early hits were the song showed Young The Giant is ready to break out once again. The other shining moment came later in the set as the band unleashed “Simplify,” their return single that stormed the charts earlier this summer. The crowd was into it and sang along with lead singer Sameer Gadhia as he danced across the vibrantly lit stage on one of the nicest nights of summer.

Young The Giant were never gone and their music has always pushed them to be “on the verge” but never before have they felt like they’ve gone over that ledge until now. 1,500 spent the night with them for a remarkable concert experience as they get ready to enter a new era of their career in a few weeks. There is no doubt they’ll be back but if their new music samples are any indication of what ‘Mirror Master’ is going to be it will be safe to bet that you won’t be seeing Young The Giant play too many intimate shows like this in the future as they begin playing arenas and beyond.

2011 put Young The Giant on this journey and 2018 will put them on the playlists of millions.

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