Bastille | Miller Lite Mystery Show

The Miller Lite sponsored Mystery Show broke from the norm as these free tickets were distributed with attendees not knowing which band would walk out on stage at Xfinity Live. A few sharp eyed fans were able to eliminate a few bands that wouldn’t be able to make it from a provided potential list of artists due to scheduling conflicts of artists but to many it was an incredible surprise when Bastille took the stage just passed 8PM after being introduced by the entire on air team from Radio 104.5.

Dan Smith greeted the crowd with a warm welcome as he and joked how he was sorry that is was them who took the stage and not The Killer or Imagine Dragons who were among the many names on the teased list of potentials. The crowd roared to show Bastille they approved of their being the mystery band that had been teased for months and with a smile Smith led the Philadelphia crowd on a musical journey across 15 songs backed by a full production for the best show Xfinity Live has ever hosted since opening in 2012.

Whether it is the annual Birthday shows, the countless Summer Block Parties, the new Endless Summer Show, Winter Jawn or the Miller Lite Mystery show this past Monday – there is no other radio station in the country that manages to bring the types of artists that Radio 104.5/ iHeartradio are able to get on stage for Philadelphia alternative fans.

Do yourself a favor and tune into Radio 104.5 this week and hear the new (and old) songs Amber Miller, Jammin Jesse, Mike Jones, DJ Reed Streets and Johnny are playing on air. You know why? Because it is a safe bet that those same great artists will be in town soon enough for another one of their events and you don’t want to miss out.

Bastille – Miller Lite Mystery Show Setlist – Xfinity Live – 11/19/18
Good Grief
World Gone Mad
Laura Palmer
Things We Lost in the Fire
Two Evils
Bad Blood
Send Them Off!
No Scrubs
Fake It
Quarter Past Midnight

Exclusive photo gallery of The Miller Lite Mystery Show presented by Radio 104.5 at Xfinity Live.









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