Pop Evil – A Decade of Touring Success

Well over ten years into it’s existence Pop Evil has remained a mainstay of contemporary rock with frequent appearances at all the major festivals nation wide and numerous headline tours. During this time Pop Evil has evolved a lot since the era of their debut with ‘Lipstick on the Mirror’ in 2008 and is widely regarded as one of the strongest live performers in modern rock. Last year they released a self titled album that saw them hit the road with Poison and Cheap Trick as well as dominate a club tour of their own – 2019 is off to just as strong as a start for the band as they are headlining their way across America yet again.

The tour kicked off earlier this year and saw Pop Evil return to Lancaster, PA at the Chameleon Club on Tuesday, February 5th. While Tuesday is widely consider one of the worst nights of the week for a concert it didn’t stop Pop Evil from packing all three floors of the club for a night of rock music. The band’s set up dominated the intimate stage of the venue with drummer Hayley Cramer’s kit on a riser towering behind them all.

As the stage lights dimmed and the band’s intro music kicked into lead singer Leigh Kakaty stormed the stage with a massive microphone stand held above his head that was met with a thunderous roar of approval from the Chameleon Club crowd. The set quickly kicked things off with a shot of adrenaline as “Boss’ Daughter” was the first track that Pop Evil unleashed on Lancaster. The song – as did the entire night – saw Kakaty make the most of the tiny stage as he focused heavily on keeping the crowd engaged. Around him Dave Grahs on guitar, Matt DiRito on bass, and Nick Fuelling also on guitar made revolutions around the stage without missing a beat or losing the crowd’s attention as they each interacted with every fan with in reach.

Pop Evil covered a decade of music in their hour plus set and while they weren’t afraid to spotlight their roots with songs like “100 in a 55” and “Deal With the Devil” it was on some of the newer material that the band’s evolution shined brightest. Early in the set Pop Evil showcased their live performance prowess with a performance of recent single “Be Legendary” that more than out shined the studio recording of the album. Kakaty’s vocal control while performing was remarkable and the rest of the band delivered a loose, yet uniform sound behind him that gave the song new life.

Touring can take a lot out of a band over the years whether it be exhaustion or boredom of playing the same song – but that hasn’t happened to Pop Evil. Age has made their music better, their studio content has only gotten better with each year and their live performances have trended upwards in the same way. Lancaster, PA was treated to a special show on a Tuesday night because the number of contemporary rock bands that can put on a performance like Pop Evil are limited.

A decade has grown Pop Evil a lot and there no doubt that the next years will grow them even more as they continue to hold it down for rock music both in the studio and on the road.

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