The Damned Things – Tour Kick-Off

After a 10 year hiatus The Damned Things have return twofold with a new full length album titled “HIGH CRIMES” and a headline tour across much of the United States that also sees the band performing at major festivals along the way. A decade between albums and tours is not an industry norm or standard but The Damned Things are not a commercial touring machine – the band is the passion project of 5 of the most talented musical minds of the era.

The “supergroup” consisting of  Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, and Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio have captured lighting in a bottle with this project as their debut album from 2009 remained a mainstay favorite in the genre in the decade since it’s release. As expected their new effort “HIGH CRIMES” picks up where the band left things in 2009 but adds a decade more of maturity and experience to many of the songs which made it one of the best release of 2019 so far and track “Something Good” among the best singles of the year as well.

The headline tour kicked off in Lancaster, PA and followed a few festival performances in the day prior. It came as no surprise that the downtown Chameleon Club was packed, even on a Monday night, as metal fans came out in droves to see a possible once in a lifetime show in the venue.

At 10PM the band promptly took the stage to the roar of the crowd and the moshpit quickly came to life as The Damned Things kicked off their thirteen song set with “Ironiclast” – the title track of their debut album. The set focused heavy on the past to start the new with only “Omen” making an appearance early on in the night as the band slotted “Friday Night” and “Bad Blood” early into the set. Midway through the night The Damned Things unleashed their new track “Something Good” onto the crowd and it received as big a reaction as their early work as did much of the new material that followed as the night pressed on.

By the time the band got to the final of the night with “We’ve Got a Situation Here” the moshpit had grown tired but not faltered all night long as the Lancaster metal scene goes harder than any in Pennsylvania and they would not miss out on a Monday night chance to through down to this iconic supergroup. The set was flawless on a technical level and that was honestly expected as together these 5 have more touring experience than just about any other supergroup that has been formed in the past decade. Will The Damned Things come back to Lancaster? Maybe, it may take another 10 years but the Monday night show they brought will be one that is talked about in the local metal scene for years to come so they have time. Either way The Damned Things showed they are more than just a studio band, they are a touring band who just happened to strike magic in the studio as well – lightning in a bottle or in this case the perfect mosh pit on the club floor.

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