10 Years of ‘Manners’ – Passion Pit

After a decade since the album’s release Michael Angelakos and Passion Pit have decided to revisit ‘Manners,’ the album that brought them commercial success, with an anniversary tour as the band begins to plot their new future. Following the band’s last tour there was much discussion as to if Angelakos and company would tour again as he sought to deviate from the contemporary music scene of the era built around the process of creating an album, tour, and repeating the process.

During this time of hiatus and rumors Angelakos was quoted saying “Until it is safer and healthier for us to be advocates, to be writers, producers and performers, I simply cannot continue making music” – but the return to Manners was more than a return to touring as it was a chance for the band to reignite the fires that brought them success without all the drama that era brought in terms of record deals, radio performances & more.

The 18-date tour brought the band to the Fillmore in Philadelphia on the second last night of the tour for a night that was both introspective and forward thinking. The crowd of nearly 2,000 strong that assembled downtown on the Friday leading into Memorial Day weekend came from all walks of life for what was one of the most diverse crowds the Fillmore has hosted since possibly the last time the band performed here. Old, young, LGBTQ, men, women – all in a crowd together as humans, all seeking to hear the songs that made them fall in love with Passion Pit and for many the songs that got them through some possible tough patches in life.

‘Manners’ has held up as one of the best indie-alternative albums of the decade so it came as no surprise that the live “top to bottom” treatment that it was given live made for a true concert spectacle. The show started just as the album does with three dance heavy tracks getting the night started asa non-typical mosh pit broke out that saw easily 600-700 people holding arms, hugging and dancing as Angelakos ran through “Make Light,” “Little Secrets” and “Moth’s Wings” without giving the crowd a chance to rest.

The crowd didn’t tire and remained energetic all night long as all knew the order the set would take place in as many have burnt out a CD or an iPod playing the album top to bottom. The anticipation during the first half of the set reached a fever pitched as Passion Pit prepared to play what would be their ninth song of the set, a song Angelakos would later call short and sweet, and as the opening notes of “Sleepyhead” kicked in the crowd truly came to life as they jumped so much the chandeliers of the venue began to sway.

The main set ended as the album did, slower yet just as impactful but Angelakos took a minute to thank the crowd. During this time he detailed just how much this tour meant to him and the band. Angelakos expressed to the crowd how refreshing and inspiring it was that Passion Pit could go back to revisit ‘Manners’ this way with crowds across the country.

Angelakos later spoke about how much this tour has given him new life and the crowd roared with approval as many in the crowd were familiar with the hiatus rumors of the past few years. The set ended with a 5 song action packed encore that predictably ended with “Take A Walk” but remained insane for the duration as “Lifted Up” and “Carried Away” had just as big of a reaction on the crowd as the band’s biggest hit.

Passion Pit have always sought to break the trends their entire career and though this tour was a restart for them they did the album anniversary tour their way. We may never get a proper new album from Angelakos and Passion Pit but they are true artists so whatever medium or format they decide to present their artwork in there is no denying it will be just as stellar as the rest of their body of work. Single, EP, or another album tour – Passion Pit has always paved their own path and as a result has made others follow the road’s they have paved for alternative making them one of the most important content creators of the decade.

Celebrating ‘Manners’ top to bottom may have been a once in a lifetime show for those who attended and those who missed out should take notes because while this band doesn’t tour often these they make sure every show they do is to a higher standard than the entire rest of the genre – that is the Passion Pit way and it always will be.

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