Josh Groban live in Wilkes Barre, PA

Vocal master Josh Groban performed to a full crowd at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on June 16, 2019. Across 14 songs Groban gave the North-Eastern Pennsylvania crowd a set of original material and cover songs that was flawless from start to finish. After a strong opening rendition of “Bigger Than Us” Groban commanded the stage as he walked around interacting with the crowd while belting out lyrics with minimal effort. In terms of production the stage was minimal and allowed Groban to shine bright all set long with numerous spotlights casting down upon him as he walked the stage in his blue suit to the cheers of the Wilkes Barre crowd.

Vocally Groban is one of the most iconic voices of the decade and he holds up to this claim in his live shows as well. Whether it was the cover of “Pure Imagination” or the original material “99 Years” performed live with Jennifer Nettles – Groban remained vocally flawless and his personality shined bright while doing so. Many vocal perfectionist tend to loose a bit of who they are as a person but Groban’s intensely fun character made the show lively even when he was delivering some emotionally heavy material to the crowd.

Groban came to Wilkes Barre and was given a Dundy – fans of The Office will know what this means – and in return he gave Wilkes Barre the vocal performance and concert of the year. Josh Groban could have easily taken his tour to Philadelphia or another major market but instead he made lifelong memories for the people of North-Eastern Pennsylvania and in the process gained another notch in the legend that is his career.

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