Sevendust’s ‘All I See is War’ Tour

A year after it’s release Sevendust has continued to tour on the release of ‘All I See is War’ – one of the strongest albums the band has released in it’s two decade existence. This tour has Sevendust branching out to new fans as they’ve joined a co-headline run with Skillet opening them to many new faces who may have never normally come to a Sevendust concert.

Though the show was on a Wednesdasy night the crowd was clearly in the weekend state of mind as the beer lines wrapped the Freedom Hall Convention at one point in the night before the band’s set. After a supporting set from Pop Evil the stage was set and many of the fans wearing Sevendust shirts grew with anticipation for the set that was going to come. The band had been in the area last a bit over a year ago down the street at the iconic Chameleon Club and many of the same faces packed the crowd of the much larger Freedom Hall Convention Center for Sevendust’s return.

In typical Sevendust fashion the stage was a wash of dramatic color and strobes as Lajon Witherspoon grabbed the microphone to start the night off with a powerful version of “Dirty” from ‘All I See Is War’ that got the crowd moving early. While the band was focused on their new album Sevendust is a band rooted with history and they didn’t shy away from that as they gave the crowd “Denial” as second song of the set – one of their biggest/well known songs.

Sevendust has evolved over the years they have remained very self aware as to what their core sound is and their setlist continues to display this. While the band closed the set with a slower and heartfelt “Thank You” it wasn’t lacking on the heavier side of things as “Face to Face,” “Praise,” and “Pieces” all lead up to the closing number. The crowd remained engaged through the entire set and the band did a great job of feeding off their energy as they rotated around the stage all set.

Across a 14 song set Sevendust why they are touring mainstay and why the deserve to be known as one of the best live bands in metal. The diversity of the set made for a well paced show and the mixture of new content and old content gave all of the fans something to enjoy. Not to mention the fact that the set was accessible enough for the fans in attendance who may have never been to a Sevendust show before. The mosh pit is for everyone and Sevendust welcomed the Lancaster crowd with open arms on a Wednesday night for a show that won’t be soon forgotten in the local scene.

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