‘Punk Rock 101’ with Bowling for Soup in the Poconos

After 25 years as a band Bowling for Soup continue to showcase their legacy to the pop punk genre with every live performance. On Friday, September 13 the band came to the Summer Stage at Mount Airy for a radio sponsored event hosted by Spin Radio 107.1 that was anything but unlucky. Long gone were the days of intense summer heat as the Poconos welcomed Bowling for Soup fans with what can only be described as “hoodie weather” as they celebrated the close of the outdoor concert season.

Bowling for Soup’s arrival to stage was greeted by a roar from the mixed crowd of fans, some seeing the band for the first time and other’s for the 20th. The band spun together a setlist of hits and some deeper cuts that kept their fans moving all night long that kicked off as “Almost” was played early in the set.

Much like Bowling for Soup’s live performances their music remains just as strong as when it was released despite 25 years of touring. Bowling for Soup brought more than just a concert to the Poconos though – they brought an interactive experience that was one part punk show and the other part comedy/casual hang out. A combination that on paper might not make sense but Bowling for Soup has struck gold with their mixture of the two.

From early in the night frontman Jaret Reddick and guitarist Chris Burney interacted with the Pennsylvania crowd even going as far to as them questions. There was a comedy power hour where the band even made fun of their weight at one point, stories of getting drunk the day before and that day, more jokes about themselves, and an epic battle that saw bassist Rob Felicetti crumble under pressure as he mumbled out two Beastie Boys songs in a row.

Bowling for Soup didn’t shy away from the hits that made them the band they are as they closed the set with a powerful song rampage of everything from “High School Never Ends,” their cover of “Stacy’s Mom” and of course “1985.” Along the way the band kept things as fun as they had for the duration of the show as well as the past two decades.

Reddick joked during the set that he had thought he wouldn’t be singing about high school anymore at 47 but one thing is for sure he can still sing it just like the day it was recorded. Bowling for Soup aren’t perfect and they never will be – but pop punk isn’t something that should be polished which makes everything they are doing on stage just as relevant as the day they started.

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