The Rocket Summer Heats Up Nashville

Photos & Words by Kevin Miller

Thursday night Nashville did not disappoint. Exit/In, historic in this town for the talent that has taken the stage doesn’t let you forget how nostalgic the place is. Looking at the walls of the venue, they definitely speak to you! With names from Johnny Cash, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers & more it is hard to not feel some type of buzz walking through those doors. Growing up in New Jersey it brought me right back to the pride of Asbury Park, The Stone Pony.

Enough with trip down memory lane though… because the packed Exit/In was there for one heck of a tour line up that included Louisiana based modern rock quartet, Royal Teeth & Bryce Avery, AKA… THE ROCKET SUMMER. The night kicked off with a bang as Royal Teeth hit the stage. Opening with their hit Unbreakable, the instant drive and tone was set for the night. Warming the crowd up for the main attraction this group really knew how to get a crowd involved. From melodic sing alongs, energetic antics on and off stage, if you knew them or not your head and feet started to move with the groove. As the set came to an end it was safe to say they warmed up the crowd and everyone was ready for why they were there.

After a brief intermission the lights dimmed and the middle aged crowd grew louder in anticipation. Bryce Avery took the stage by himself playing, Slowmo to kick things off but that would be the “slowest” moment of the rollercoaster ride fans were brought on. Playing new hits from his newest album, Little Shivers (first in a decade), to hits from albums like Hello, Good Friend & Do You Feel the crowd got their money’s worth. Avery put on a real intimate show strolling down songs, like Never Knew, and giving them a new twist never heard before and likely never to be heard again as he was forced to show his true musician ship when his acoustic input gave out, staring into the mic “Improv.” What he improvised, he NAILED.

Avery spoke with fans, thanking them for coming back and thanking new fans for coming to their first Rocket Summer show. Showing his appreciation by playing a song they haven’t played all tour for a fan who tweeted about it for her birthday proved his appreciation of all his supporters especially after not touring for many years. Always a class act, Bryce Avery & The Rocket Summer is someone you don’t want to miss if you have the chance at catching.

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